Which bulb is better to use during flowering?

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  1. I am a a beginner grower but I do understand that during flowering a red color spectrum is more ideal. Now my plants are about 35 days into flowering. I have 2 plants under a 1000w light.

    I have a cheap ($25) 1000w "Super HPS" bulb that came with the setup (Vivosun) and I also have a 1000w EyeHortilux MH bulb. I used the HPS bulb already for a previous grow but I've only used the MH bulb for a week maybe two.

    Would it be better to use the EyeHortilux bulb, even though it is MH, because it is a much higher quality bulb and still pretty much new or is it best to see stick with the HPS because it is the proper spectrum for flowering?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The HPS is more suited for flowering. The plants absolutely love them. The HID works better for the VEG cycle if you can get past the heat from them. Actually, the red doesn't need to come into play until about 15 mins before your lights go out. It's an attempt to mimic the sunset in the evening. The blue spectrum in with the HPS at the same time would be more beneficial because it acts as blue sky...simulates nature more. Just watched some videos on this a couple of weeks ago on YouTube.....NPKUniversity. Look the old dude up. He's trained to the hilt but has some good videos about the light schedule for the plant and the spectrum most beneficial. I learned a lot from listening to it though it tended to get kinda boring. But hey, if it'll help grow bigger plants, it's a plus. Best of luck. TWW
  3. HPS is an HID light. (HID) High Intensity Discharge lights can be either (HPS) High Pressure Sodium or (MH) Metal Halide.
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