Which buds outta your stash you smoke first (COME)

Discussion in 'General' started by Free The BIRDS, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. i wanted to make this thread years (months) ago but never did (lazy bastard-o)

    to better learn about yourselves lets see which nugs you choose first if any (outta a decent sized baggie)

    i have the options as

    -best nugs (least amount of stems, compact, shape, etc)
    -worst nugs/the crumbs/shake (huge stem, shape
    -random nugs (dont give a shit, GIVE ME THAT DAWG)
    -other(example yourself cause i dunno u brah - strap)

  2. usually i keep the best nug for last. stick the little ones in the grinder and go.

    but sometimes all the nugs are equal so it dont really matter
  3. I usually smoke the bottom of the bag first.
  4. I wanna have my best nugs last. Yep.
  5. This is what I do exactly!

  6. yeeeeeeee im with you guys. smoke all the shake and awful things so i got the pretty ones for last

    wonder if we are a grand majority for chosing worst buds first??
  7. It's always the smallest pieces first.
  8. I reach in and pinch, whatever i come out with i come out with. Im ganna smoke it all anyway so i dont see where it matters. I have been guilty of stashing a few of the nicer looking nugs if friends are coming over to smoke tho..
  9. all your nugs are perfect? no shake left
    no preference in size? the bigger ones are just so sexy. like the big daddy's


    haha ya u gotta stash the good ones :p marijuana is way to expensive

    i try to leave the big nugs for the end but sometimes i cant wait anymore and break down a big juicy smelly nuggis omfg.

    i gotta go pick up ... i went to withdrawl money off my debit and it says 'your pin has been entered incorrectly 3 times, you gotta go to your branch blah blah blah'
  10. My debit card did that a while ago... Fucking sucks when you cant spend your own money lol
  11. I go from the smallest to largest nug :smoke:

    Makes it seem like it lasts longer
  12. i always smoke the little nugs first... idk why
  13. I voted worst nugs, but in most of the dank i buy there is no 'worse' nugs haha. I just smoke the smaller less impressive ones first and save the super dank big nugs for last.

  14. Same. I like to smoke the shakey stuff first too if there is any...I hate having just shake and stems left it the bag and having to pack that as I run out.
  15. Definitely save the 'cream of the crop' for last
  16. Don't really have a method for the first, but I usually save the biggest nugs for last.
  17. I smoke the tiny nugs to make myself think that I still have a big stash, it feels better looking at big nugs
  18. I try to pick out a nug that is about the weight of how much I want to smoke at that time.
  19. lol pretty much the same for me. Another reason subconciously is that im not gunna crack open a large nug because i know i wont smoke it all so why not just take a couple small nugs and not have to worry about putting the rest back.
  20. I smoke nugs according to the quantity. If I'm smokin a bowl, i grab a bowl sized nug. If im rolling a blunt, I grab that fat 1.5er.

    Simple, effective.

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