Which bubbler to get with $300

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  1. I'm in the moarket for a new bubbler. I have a nice tube setup so I would like a nice bubbler as well. I want something decently small but I just mainly want a smooth hitting piece. I can spend anywhere between $300 and $400. I've been looking at the LW 15 arms and some of the Mobius's. Any suggestions from you guys?
  2. i like mobius bubbs....
  3. Mobius matrix is the best one i've seen

    the luke wilson 15's are nice to, so are the sheldon blacks

    but if i were you i'd definitely go with the mobius matrix

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffjMuXWCifQ]new MOBIUS matrix milk - YouTube[/ame]
  4. That Mobius is sexy, think that would be my choice as well.
  5. I'm a huge Mobius fan myself, but just picked up a Luke/Leisure Ltd. 15 arm from *** the other day because they were on sale and cheaper than the Mobius. (Plus I've always wanted to own some LW glass) :wave:


  6. Any of you guys know what the glass heating wand things are called and roughly how much they go for?
  7. Disregard that comment should've looked around first my bad. Couldn't figure out how to delete the post on the GC app haha.
  8. luke wilson!

    Bunch on sale at a website that shall not be named.

    Or if you feel like saving over 100 bucks, you can buy the Black leaf 15 arm from GC.

    Get your self some good weed to go along with the bub as an extra treat ^_^
  9. I'd go with a Sheldon Black Six Shooter...or save up money for another month and get the Chubbler or Doubler from SB.

    Yeah, I kinda like sb.
  10. i am a little dissapointed with the Mobius Bubbler in that video ...the only part of the perc that bubbles i the very top...judging from looking at it before seeing that video you would expect to get a ton of bubbles and see bubbles comming out of the whole perc not just the very top row.

    I say LW

  11. I may be wrong but the point of a perc is just to circulate the smoke through water. ANY bubbles means the smoke has gone through that layer, right?

    Is it just more bubbles = more surface area? Hmm

  12. More bubbles = more diffusion= less drag + smoother hit
  13. justin, im really likin that stash jar
  14. Thanks I like them a lot too (I have a few). Don't know if you can tell, but it bubbles out to a magnification lense in the middle. A chain of LHS in San Diego carry them. And they come in different sizes. If I ever hear of an artist's name to attach to them, I'll spread the word. :)

  15. slap a ice pinch slide or luke wilson disc slide on there, you will notice night and day difference in diffusion.
  16. this should help your decision

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMbTw0R4Nug&feature=related]Mobius Matrix v. Luke Wilson 15 Arm Bubbler - Battle of the Dewaar - YouTube[/ame]
  17. that mobius got dirty fast weird..
  18. id get a worked 2011bc bubbler... but im biased :D

    when i was in the market i was between:
    -sheldon black six shooter
    -toro showerhead bubb
    -hisi bubbler

    my main want was a removable mouthpiece and nice perc so out with the toro... then i discovered the 2011bc with its showerhead.... and removable mouthpiece, plus under $300 game over, (for me atleast)

  19. that's actually the older version in that vid =/ couldn't find a vid that compares it to the LW with the newer mobius bub's but it's improved in the newer ones

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