which brand of ketchup do you use?

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  1. personally, I am a heinz guy. Growing up, my up, my mom always bought store brand stuff, then one day come home with heinz and I never looked back. for x-mas I got one of their supposed 57 varieties lol it was heinz mixed with balsamic vinegar, actually pretty bomb.

    anyway....whats your go to ketchup!?!?
  2. Heinz as well.
    I'm a broke student and I usually buy supermarket brand products, but I always buy heinz ketchup.
  3. None at all
  4. Heinz, motherfucker.

    none of that presidents choice bullshit in my house.
  5. I prefer Heinz. I've tasted Hunts and Heinz side by side. Want something extra tasty, try Heinz Chili Sauce. Its like a ketchup with extra stuff on it. Good on burgers or meatloaf.
  6. Heinz..my dad always gets the nasty generic stuff and i had to eat it last night
  7. Heinz. I never started eating ketchup until I was about 15 but ever since then I put it on everything.
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    I used to be a heinz fan as well but ever since i started becoming more conscientious about what i eat i now use Hunts no high fructose corn syrup ketchup. If heinz made a ketchup with no high fructose corn syrup then i would gladly go back to it.
  9. I've always been a Heinz Ketchup type of guy but recently I went to Whole Foods and found some gourmet ketchup from the UK. It used brown sugar instead of corn syrup and a few other ingredients Heinz would never use. It's expensive at $5+/jar but worth every penny IMHO. I still keep Heinz in the fridge for guests and kids but I've got MY STASH of Ketchup hidden in the bottom drawer just for me. YUMMM!

    PM me if you'd like the brand name, didn't think it would be cool to promote brands on a pot website but Heinz is a brand everyone seems to love too....so I dunno if it's not cool to mention my new favorite.
  10. Heinz of course. American classic. Except I get the Heinz labeled with no high fructose syrup. Such a bullshit filler, but that's another thread altogether. What gets me is that Heinz makes ketchup with and without high fructose corn shit.
  11. Most ketchup tastes the same to me, so pretty much whatever is cheapest :p
    Only kind of ketchup I don't like was this homemade ketchup I got from my neighbors one time, don't know what they put in that shit but it sucked!

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