which brand of deodorant do you use?

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  1. i've noticed over the years that i need to change brands every few years. it's like i become immune to it :confused: anyways...... i thought since i can get a visual of the gc community, why not a scent. of the ladies of course.
    i've used old spice for years, just switched it up to adidas for the record.
  2. Gillette. The best a man can get.
  3. haha this isnt a story..............but Axe. It kinda sucks
  4. Axe. "Cause I'm cheap as fuck :cool:"
  5. Sure (brand name) , Irish Spring Sport scented stick. It was a 2 for 1 deal at the Dollar General. :hello:
  6. whatever brand my wife gets... doesnt matter it all works for the most part
  7. Right guard. And wtf is this doing under the story section.

  8. once upon a time i used old spice deodorant, then i switched to adidas.

  9. Old Spice: After Hours.
  10. And for the record, people who use Axe and Tag smell like shit, and more often than not can be found loitering outside bowling alleys with half their shirts buttoned down, and are very likely to have shag carpeting inside their molestor-mobiles parked outside said bowling alley. FACT.

  11. I work at a bowling alley -_-
  12. Old Spice Pure Sport. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
  13. dove original..when i can afford it
    or either adidas..from dollar tree..i bought like 4 of em back in april..still going strong
    :wave::hello: but only if ur sure
  14. Old Spice:pure Sport
  15. Speedstick and Adidas
  16. old spice pure sport. and it came with a little spample stick of some other shit.
  17. Speed Stick. Anything that's not too overpowering is fine with me.
  18. "Speed Stick Official Deodorant Of The NBA"

    That's my "deodorant" but it's actually an anti-perperant (yes, I know, that's bad)
  19. dove ultimate beauty care in silk powder

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