Which Branches/Buds to prune for best bud development?

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  1. few things here
    I would 1stly tie her over, so the light penetrates deeper - LST
    I would also remove the entire bottom 3rd of the plant (Lolli popping)- My opinion.
    Leave everything on the top 3rd as there isn't much there lol.
    I would also tuck any fan leaves blocking any bud sites from the bottom 3rd upwards.
    how strong is that light in watts?
    Looks like you may need more power ....
    & your plant is stretching !
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  2. I dont think I would prune that. Way too fluffly and you also have some large stretching going on, probably fromt he lights being way too high earlier in the grow. If you look top down from the plant like in some of your pictures, you can see the ground, so it is not all filled out IMO. Lolipopping like mentioned above is a good idea, but I dont know in your case TBH
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  3. I’d say leave it as is this go round. Get your feet wet with this first grow. Then next grow do some sort of training. Lst, topping, super cropping etc. do some research In the mean time and figure out which route you want to go and what works best for you.

    good job on your first grow man.
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  4. Thanks for all the info!

    1) What do you mean by tie her over?

    2) I thought it was good to leave big fan leaves (ie: bottom 3rd of plant) because that's where the plants absorbs the most sunlight energy? is this is myth?

    3) Light is 1000 W. Pretty sure it is done stretching though, it doubled in size during weeks 1.5-3 of flowering. However if it is not done stretching, should I shorten the hanging length of the grow light? Do I need to regardless? How far should the light be away from the buds?

    Sorry for all the questions, been in uncharted water for this whole process.
  5. By tying the plant over (low stress training) this will enable you to lower your light and open the plants canopy.
    Google LST and good luck.
    PS - I don't think 1000w is the true wattage of your light.
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  6. is the stretching and plant not being filled really bad as far as potential yield goes? any suggestions to remedy problem? Thanks
  7. Link for the light I'm using.

    also the picture doesn't do it justice.. iPhone 11 does really good job of focusing and reducing light levels.
  8. this is 300 true watts
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  9. tie her over and lower your light
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  10. Well it will be lower than it could have been. If you train your plant you will most likely increase yield and the stretching also causes the problem that the very top of your plant gets much more intense light than the bottom part. Tying her down like mentioned by Paolo is pretty much the only thing you can do at this point IMO. The 300W will get you through the grow, but spectrum is not very good. I run blurples myself right now, but I think the spectrum and light output is a bit better. You have a very low price though, so for a budget grow you did good. Don't expect a large yield without training and proper light though. Consider this your trial run.
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  11. That light could probably sit about 8 inchs from the tops youll have to lst sum to keep them shorter or something. That light isnt really going to hurt a budding plant. Not enough juice

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  12. You owe it to yourself and to your plant not to butcher it.
    Your branching is very open, and plenty of light can penetrate the canopy.
    Every healthy leaf on a plant makes food for the whole plant, and the more leaves the more food.

    Pruning also harms yield according to several side-by-side experiments I've seen, including this one.
    Defoliation Side By Side - Bushy Plants
    "And the winner is.... Control group! (no defoliation)
    Control group:
    Plant 1: 142.5g
    Plant 2: 148.0g
    Plant 3: 133.0g
    Total: 423.5g

    Defoliation group:
    Plant A: 137.5g
    Plant B: 116.5g
    Plant C: 130.0g
    Total: 384.5g

    Total yield 808 grams, 1.56g/w (average power draw during flowering)

    Control group also had bigger flowers, less larfy shit, so it was easier to trim and has a better bag appeal.
    My conclusion is, pruning plants for increased light penetration (during week 2 flowering) decreases yield. Mind you, this doesn't prove that pruning doesn't work to increase yields, and needs further studying and testing done using different techniques."

    And this

    Similar experiments have been done with useless flushing.
  13. The only thing I would do is lollipop like someone else said.just clear out all leaves an little buds on bottom part of plant.say about 12 inches up.it makes it so the plant put wall the energy into the top buds an makes it so you don’t have all those little popcorn buds.either way nice grow bud

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