Which bongs the better bang for the buck

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    I've had numerous bongs over the passed years, always ending in the inner perculators breaking, My most recent piece, My snob glass 8 arm perc glasscity bubbler had a 5 foot drop, and stayed perfectly intact besides 7 of the percs, really recommend the bubbler to anybody looking for a nice strong peice, besides the slide getting clogged up every now and then it was awesome

    Never fuck with frosted glass btw

    So now since im running low on king size paps, its time to order this years supply of papers and why not save shipping costs and order a new bong

    back in the days i used to aim for the mega fancy bongs with medallions and fancy bolt ons all over, but 500 bucks for glass is just ignorant, 'rather put some new springs on my audi' I've come to the conclusion im going to try a black leaf bong, never had one, and they dont seem to be of the best quality, but they deffently give you a bang for the buck, two of my friends had black leafs and they were great.

    1) inline perc
    Black Leaf - Inline Perc Glass Bong - "The Nautilus" - Grasscity.com

    2) flaming skull perc
    Flaming Skull - Percolator Bong Clear - Percolator Bongs - Glass Bongs - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com

    whats gonna give me the stronger rip with the quick snap? im aiming towards the inline

    and if you guys find any sweet bolt ons post em up!,

    also is the inline inpossible to clean?
  2. personallyid get the nautilus. its just a sick design and they dont always have them in stock.
    if you get something like the other one, id get higher quality glass, since things like that are more prone to breaking.
    depends tho. black leaf ive heard is pretty shoddy glass anyway.

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