Which Bong Would You Rather Have?

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    Looks like the second one has better filtration, but id probably rather have the first
    edit: i had it backwards so switch around my answers
  2. I would personally go with the second one, reasons being: looks prettier, will be less draggy, more space for ice, it's a little taller, and it's cheaper! 
  3. Yeah ima go with the double honeycomb but im gonna get the 19" amber one.
  4. Both of them are over $100.00. I would make a bong out of a hollow metal tube and a gatorade bottle and buy $100 worth of weed.
  5. Don't listen to that "advice", a quality bong makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Also smoking out of metal and plastic is not a smart idea....
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    True. I am an asshole for advice. Now let me take a nice fat bong rip......oops! OMG i just dropped the bong and it shattered into a million pieces. Now I have nothing. I could have bought $100 worth of weed dammit!
  7. Get the double honey comb, it will have quite good filtration and it's gonna be a breeze to clean.
    ....and once you smoke all your weed, and have lung issues from unhealthy methods, Damn should have bought a decent tube!
  9. You are right. And then I smoke the resin in the uhealthy plastic and metal. Then I have lung issues and die. Then I don't have to post stupid shit like this on GC anymore.
  10. Well that's just someone being clumsy.  I still have the first GonG piece I ever bought, german roor lil sis, about 12 years old no cracks, no chips, just scratches on the bottom from setting it on tables and some label wear.  I had an older glass piece, simple no frills bong with rubber "grommets", they weren't even real grommets just a piece of rubber tubing.  I just threw it away 3 weeks ago, no it didn't break, the rubber on the stem wore out.  I had that one for 15+years.
    But yeah, dropping your bong and breaking it is really bad.  Especially when you're using one of these:  
  11. Go for the dub honeycomb Its cheaper and more to what I think you want.
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    Sick peice, 
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    All the pieces that I owned that shattered into a million pieces, were all under $100.

    Every bong I own over $100, is still in one piece. In fact, several of them have fallen over, dropped, been kicked over. One of them... I kicked it over by accident, then when I reached to grab it, I kicked it across the entire length of the master bathroom floor. Not a scratch on it.

    You get what you pay for.
    Oh yeah, OP.... double honeycomb.
  14. If i had to pick between the 2 i would go with the first one. 

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