Which bong would you choose and why?

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    I smoke only flowers, none of that concentrate bs.. But yeah which tube do you think is superior, not based on looks/
    urls dont works but the tubes you could find on *******

    HVY Glass - Clear Showerhead Beaker
    ZOB Glass - 8 Arm Straight - Blue & Black Label
    B. Wilson Glass - Slyme & Black Six Arm Bubbler # 2
    Leisure Glass - 15 Arm Bubbler - Yellow & Black
    HVY Glass - 9 mm 8 Arm Beaker
  2. I'd go with one of the Wilson brothers pieces. those leisure Bubs are nice as hell and hit really well. and im sure the b Wilson is of equal quality too, just less arms, less diffusion and that's not ideal for flowers.

    just checked the prices and I'd definitely say for the money get a SGW waffle. not much can come close to how awesome waffles are!
  3. id buy non-name brand shit for 150$ shipped then buy 150$ worth of weed. hahah

    but in all seriousnessness id get the showerhead or the slyme and black. showerhead for functionality, or slyme and black for looking sexy as hell.
  4. out of the three Wilson brothers I would say IMO that Luke makes the best stuff. Now clearly his other two brothers follow very close behind but leisure makes great glass! You won't be Dissapointed by the 15 arm bub which I almost ordered last weekend. Instead I went with a c2 custom creation tube but only because IMO it was a better bang for the buck. Do you know what kind of perc you like better though. You've mentioned a few and you should probly choose what kind of perc u like then focus in on the brand. A tree and a circ very different Percs so know which u like better. If you have no preference and dont wanna do much research get the leisure 15 arm, and then let me know how u like it!
  5. leisure bubbler would be my choice close to other wilson piece though
  6. definitely one of the bubblers. id get the 15 arm for functionality, the slyme one for looks. I've always wanted a leisure 15 arm
  7. def leisure glass.
  8. zob, definitly has to be atleast 19 inches though

  9. i've recommended the 8 arm HVY tube to people before who were very pleased with the tube especially after they upgraded the downstem and slide to something a bit more substantial. note that the 8 arm section uses 5mm tubing instead of the 9mm the rest of the tube is used for, atleast that's what i hear from those who own it. the 15 arm is a great piece, and in no way better functionality wise than the 6 arm is. they are unique in their own right, and if it were up to me i'd have the 6, 10 and 15 arm by Luke Wilson. the 15 arm is very smooth and highly functional but the label sort of kills it for me, he used to make them with 5mm glass and no label. they were a limited run from what i understand and the labelled series he released directly after use thinner 3.2mm glass. I personally feel the slyme and black 6 arm to be one of the better buys on your list, you get an attractive heady with good functionality. that's a piece worth holding onto for a while. ZOBs are produced in such high numbers with a low quality standard comparatively speaking that the investment isn't worth it, esp. when you have on your list what is essentially the same tube only with thicker glass and a beaker bottom (i believe straight tubes are available in this model as well). Just totally forget the showerhead, you'll be generally unimpressed. your decision should be between the last 3 options on your list. the 6 arm being the most attractive with the "easiest" and more "chill" rip compared to the others. it makes a great couch piece, is fairly weed conservative (more than the other two) and is still impressively smooth. the 15 arm chugs and burns a good amount of weed due to all the airflow from 15 arms pulling in air. an impressive piece but i found myself desiring a piece that doesn't chug so hard when it was my daily driver. the 8 arm is gonna be fairly sturdy and a fatter ripping piece than the other two, but i don't believe you will be getting a smoother rip than either of the other two. also consider the fact it is larger and much more difficult to clean. the Wilson bubblers also are somewhat difficult to clean and require the use of more rubbing alcohol to clean them than most of their competition. but that's a small caveat for what they are.

    the 6 arm is a flower piece through and through, and out of the 30+ high end scientific pieces i've ripped it still remains in my top 5. i will agree the waffle is an impressive tube, albeit not the cleanest work, but i met Preston of SGW and he's a great guy who's very passionate about his work, i'd feel entirely comfortable investing in a waffle. usually if you go directly to him (they have a website where you can email him) he'll give a better deal than the shops.
  10. dude good shit, its nice when people just go at it and answer every damn question you could have.

    well OP, choice should be easy now..

    pick what you want^^ haha
  11. Forreal knowledge and opinion dropped. Pretty much summed up anything I could say. Can't wait to see what you get
  12. Personally I'd go with the 15 arm, but if you want your piece to be a bit more heady and have less diffusion. Go with the B. Wilson 6 arm. The wilson brothers have great quality control, and it's going to be the most well made piece compared to the other brands. And there both stemless, meaning they dont need a downstem. Just much easier imo.
  13. its funny cause those were my top two for the same reasons but im getting the showerhead

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