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Which bong to use for hooking up to Arizer Extreme Q to lessen throat irritation?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by lifeisatrip, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a fairly new user and don't own any bongs, but I do have a vape - the Arizer Extreme Q. Recently I found that vaping frequently was irritating my lungs, even at low temps, and although I like edibles sometimes the delayed onset isn't convenient for my medical issues (back pain). I've read in various places it's possible to hook up a bong to the Extreme Q, and that using hot water will make the hits smoother and less irritating to the lungs, so I want to try it out. Which bong would you recommend buying for this purpose? I'd only be using this to vape through, not on its own. Reducing throat / lung irritation (I'm a singer) is my #1 priority.

    Btw, this is the setup I'm referring to. I did a search on Etsy as per the info given by the OP but couldn't find the adapter he mentions:

  2. Well, it depends on what bong you have but the eq come with everything to fit an 18mm joint.

    I would look for an oil rig with a male joint on it so that you can out the eq directly on top of it with no whip.
  3. I would recommend a simple small tube. I have a DBV and the hose fits right into a 14mm joint, not sure how big the hose is on the EQ. The SSFG travel tubes seem like the perfect size for vaping and I plan on getting one once I get rid of one of my other tubes.
  4. I've been using a HVY Mini-Beaker for years to vape through. For me, it's the perfect size with just the right amount of diffusion, but I'm lusting for a Mobius Ion Matrix.
  5. Anyone connect a PAX vaporizer and a water bong to eliminate coughing the vapor back out of the lungs?

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