which bong to get? need input

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  1. so i have my decision narrowed down to two choices. both of them are syn's

    1. is a 38mm diamter dome perced 4mm thick with ice

    2. is a 45mm diameter 5mm thick with ice notches too

    so the skinnier thinner one has a perc. both have diffusors and a clear with a logo. which would you go with
  2. i would probably go with the 38mm perced piece. dont know why, i have always prefered the skinnier tubes, and i never use ice notches, but i would use a perc

    are they straight, beaker, bubble, or some other base? I also prefer straights cause their less likely to break compared to the flared out thinner glass of the beaker base or bubble base
  3. personally, i would go with the straight tube beaker, but many people do prefer the hit of a beaker base

    either way though, i would get the perced tube no matter what base, but im sure no matter what tube you get, you will enjoy it, and thats all that really matters:smoking:
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    ive always been skeptical of any dome perc...

    and i dont know how well SYN's dome would function...

    i say go with the beaker...but thats just me

    both are solid tubes regardless
  5. Get the 5mm, if your fine with thinner glass then go for the perc if you want.
  6. Although the perc is appealing, it's not really an awesome perc. I think the shortcomings of the perc'd tube outweigh the advantages of the perc. I have the 45mm and it's really not wide, I definitely wouldn't go any smaller. Plus I think it's just unwise to go <5mm.

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