Which bong should I get?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by RandleStoner, May 13, 2011.

  1. 1st n 3rd caught my attention
  2. Yeah I was kinda leaning towards the 3rd one. Not sure on the glass quality though.
  3. #2 is easily the best, 1,3,4 are all awful.

  4. Are you saying its the best because it has perks?
    Also this will be my first glass bong

  5. Cause it looks like better glass on glass, and with that joint you can change the size. The perc is a bonus.
  6. one and three look like cool ones to have I really like three

    but that's just my stoned opinion:bongin:

  7. Thanks for the input :)
  8. #2 because it is glass on glass.
  9. Yeah glass on glass and additionally looks thicker than the others ... The others look thin and have grommets.
  10. Alright this all matter on how much money I get for my birthday haha. If I have enough I will get the glass on glass. If not my second choice is the 3rd one
  11. 2nd one for sure. The other ones look a lot thinner because of the curves. It's just more weaker points to worry about also in the glass.
  12. You can make this from a "gerbil habitat"

  13. #2 looks to be the best made and is GonG, but #1 is cool looking.
  14. Whoever puts stuff on the gogopipes site has embarrassingly bad spelling.
    "Defuser" and "Thikness" made me laugh.

    Of the 4, I'd pick #2, but I think you should get a hvy mini beaker instead of a decent small tube like an ehle.

  15. Agreed with all above. The others dont look glass on glass and the second seems to be the thickest + perc. Thats the one you should go for.
  16. if any #2 would be best
  17. if someone were to pay me to buy that ICP bong i wouldnt even take it.....icp is super gay

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