Which bong should I get? (with pics)

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  1. Hey guys! Which bong do you guys think I should get? They are all pretty small. I think the biggest on is 8.5 inches tall. The mini zong is 6 inches tall, the beaker one is 8.5 inches and the other one is 8 inches tall. I personally like the zong but it might be too small. I have never owned a glass bong before and these are my favorites because I dont want a bong that is over a foot tall. Any web site suggestions for mini bongs? Thanks for reading!:smoke:

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  2. thats the ugliest beaker go for the zong
  3. That beaker looks pretty tight. The zong looks really weird. The beaker would be easy to wrap up and put in a backpack. If your planning on moving it with you. All in my opinion though.
  4. WTF YOU SERIOUS ON THE HEIGHT? Can you possibly link me to the ZONG,

    Id suggest the Zong also because its out of the ordinary you don't see it everyday, and it can get shy people to start talking, for few sec.

    I just bought my black leaf on Grasscity, and it slike 11 inches =( and i thought that was small =/. with a good glass thickness that is i think it was 4.5 or 4.2 for around 90
  5. Out of those three I'd say my favorite would have to be that beaker bong

  6. I know they are tiny but I dont feel like spending alot of money because I am saving for something else. Heres a link to the zong. All of these are on the same site. Mini zong | Glass Water Pipes | Water Pipes |
    Also they have some different colors for these bongs
  7. EHLE makes a pretty sick piece. Can't go wrong with that.
  8. not sure why everyone loves zongs... they just seem like a lot of extra glass the smoke has to travel through for no reason. personally i dont like the look of them so id get one of the other 2. but really whatever floats your boat, they are all gunna be pretty much the same.

  9. Listen to this guy man, or just save up more money and go buy one from a LHS or another site.

    Don't buy cheap china glass or anything thin...specially when it comes to a bong, you'll thank me in the long run!

    Best bet is to check craigslist! Tons of stoners there with real good hookups! I got a bong and vape for 110+2 grams of some sticky and the bong would easily cost me $160 at a headshop because of how thick it is, just make sure to look up different words like waterpipe, prop 215, 420, bong, glass pipe.

    First bong i bought was on there too, paid 20 bucks and a batman game and i got a cool bob marley bong and a carrying case, man the memories :smoke:

  10. lol. Now that I have looked into it, I really love that bong. I watched alot of videos on it and it looks really nice! I will most likely get it sometime soon. Thanks!:hello::smoke:
  11. ive never liked mini bongs..
    you should either go for a 50-70cm bong, a real big boy.
    or you should go with a 6-12in bubbler

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