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Which Bill and Ted movie is better?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gairen, Feb 3, 2003.


Which was the better Bill and Ted movie?

  1. Excellent Adventure

    0 vote(s)
  2. Bogus Journey

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  1. For anyone that remembers the Bill and Ted movies (Excellent adventure and Bogus journey) which was the better movie in your opinion. In my opinion bogus Journey was the better movie, so much more bizarre humor and of course it has death in it.
  2. yeah, death was cool, but I like the first one best
  3. yea the first one is better in my opinion
  4. bogus journey easily. Funny as hell- has death in it as a camp german/austrian/swiss dude. Or at least i think that's what his accent was- it's been a while since i saw it...

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