Which bands have the biggest stoner following?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by weedzilla420, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Hey gc,
    so i was thinking to myself which bands i thought probably have the biggest stoner followings. a lot of my opinion is based on my working experience at the alltel pavilion as a pizza hawker where i walked through the crowds all night long at the concerts (and yeah, i got stoned as fuck frequently from other nice concert goers who would let me take hits from their shit when i walked by them, if i was in a good mood i'd give out free pizzas at the end of the night to the guys). the biggest stoner bands/music artists i can think of are:
    dave matthews band
    the dead
    allman bros
    widespread panic
    perfect circle
    blink 182
    green day
    kid rock
    willie nelson
    kottonmouth kings
    snoop dogg and most other rappers
    what are some you can think of:?
  2. Can't believe you didn't mention Phish.
  3. cypress hill
  4. the dead and phish for sure ..deadheads and ..phisheads ...lol
  5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Bob Marley And The Wailers
    Tom Petty

    And how did you mention A Perfect Circle without mentioning Tool? Maynard owns.
  6. Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, N-E-R-D
  7. pink floyd

  9. Pink Floyd should have been mentioned earlier! thank you sixer for getting that one in there.

    i'd say Les Claypool's got a bit of a stoner following. God knows he burns the weed.

    The Mars Volta also has a stoner following. I mean christ their music is trippy enough. what do you expect?
  10. Haha...sorry, kinda jumped over that....ok another one

    The Crystal Method

    Voted stoner song of the year 2002?
  11. 311, atmosphere, MSI, and thats all i can think of. it's crazy, man.

  12. That's also because most of their fans are adolesent dumbass' who want to rebel and think it's cool to be a stoner. Trust me, I know, I've been a fan longer than I've been smoking. Haha. But thats not why all of them smoke, just a lot of em.

    But if your gonna mention ICP you should mention Blaze and Twiztid.

  13. chill and you didnt even spell adolescent right
  14. SUBLIME!!

    c'mon sublime has so many stoner fans
  15. DAMN, i wanted to be first to say sublime, haha. i was looking through and wondering why no one has yet...

    galactic hasnt been said yet...

  16. God I love TCM.

    What song, was stoner song of the year?
  17. Haha I was looking and waiting for Sublime. I wanted to be the one to be like, "Wow, how could you forget Sublime?!" Oh well, can't have everything...

    Weezer seems to have quite a following...
    Steve Miller Band, too.
  18. any techno/trance/rave

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