Which autoflower strain the best outdoor?

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  1. Hey guys,
    next season i´m going to plant a few autoflower plants, so my question is:
    What is the best autoflower strain for outdoor cultivation?
    i´d like to plant one which has a high yield and also a high percentage of thc.
    Is northern lights of royal queen seeds a good decision? 
    Thanks for help! :)

  2. Barneys Farm Critical Rapido is a nice job
  3. yeh man, royal queen northen lights is a beautiful smoke, i grew it twice last year in pots (small ones ) got maybe an ounce each time of great smoke. i cant really vouch for yield but smoke quality was amazing
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    thanks @Reggie376 ! :)
    Is there anything i should pay attention to when i want to grow outdoor? (i´m a beginner)
  5. start early and inspect your ladies multiple times a day.  do some research on deficiencies and mold/pest management so that you have a better idea of what to look for.  get an IPM regimen down and follow it

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