which auto strain do you think is better?

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  1. Hi guys im going to be growing in a pc case that has 20" of grow room, which of these two auto strains do you think is better, and do you think they can get over an ounce with 4 27w cfls?

    Also if you have had an personal experience with the strains please do share.

    One more thing, if i take male pollen from a northern light and pollinate the auto strain will i get good seeds to work with? and will they still be autoflowering?

    Here are the strains

    White russian automatic
    Lowlife Automatic White Russian Feminized

    60 Day wonder
    DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Feminized

    Has anyone smoked these buds? You think theyll make some nice bud?
  2. dna 60 day wonder i can tell you will be better A .. because of the genetic's...B cause DNA has great strain's and breeder's..

    lowlife well...they suck compaired to DNA bottom line..
  3. i agree
  4. thanks for some imput guys, any thoughts on world of seeds pakistan ryder or afghan kush ryder? they look pretty decent
  5. Both have great reviews.

    Dude with Mr Wonka as his picture said the Afghan Autos yeild around 40 grams.
    He also said those 2 have great potency for Autos and whatnot.

  6. Dito to that, they're supposed to be really good, decent yields and good dank! I'm still a fan of the classics like Lowryder and Autoberry though have you thought about these?
  7. yeah dude with mr. wonka is right too;):D:wave:
  8. u say afghan auto yields about 40 grams? how many watts were you using and how tall did you let it get?
  9. Grasshumper it is! HAHA My bad. I see you everywhere on GC, but forgot your name!

  10. to be truthful im really suspisuous of 60 day wonder.....i mean just look at the name. i guess to DNA the time cycle is more important then what cross it is. reminds me of the greenhouses auto.....green o matic.....i recieved 5 seeds.....3 were black in the inside 1 died as seedling....and the other is producing not very much bud compared to red dwarf.

    want my advice well i tell you the same thing i tell everyone here

    deimos......auto northern lights strain
    big devil......the best class ive got going so far
    afghani ryder.....closely behind big devil
  11. My personal fav so far is Roadrunner, taste and aroma are nice, and a bowl will get 2 people baked.
  12. i wouldnt try the pak ryder if i were you, i've had bad experiences. most of the seeds weren't even females, let alone autofolwering :p
  13. lol i actually bought dna genetics sharksbreath instead of any autos i think ill get a very nice plant from them instead
  14. budda seed red dwarf femmed......heard great things and cookin' up some next....just my duece:smoking:

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