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    Hey guys, 
        I've been working out for a couple of months now and I started thinking about finally getting a six-pack. Weight loss is a challenge for me and I've been dedicating myself to it ever since I started, and recently I've been taking protein shakes to keep the protein levels high despite the few calories. 
    The problem is, I never focus on working out abs or doing cardio, its always chest/biceps, shoulders/legs, or back/triceps. It would be really nice of those of you who are experienced to give me tips on what to do next, here is some information on me :
    Gender: M
    Age : 19
    Weight : 163 lbs (73.9kg)
    Height : 5ft11 (180cm)
    Today's calorie intake : 1478
    Today's protein intake : 217g (This is the first time I got over 200g)
    Today's fat intake : About 50.8% of daily needs (on a 2874 Calorie base)
    Today's Water intake : A little over a gallon (4 liters or 135.256 oz)
    I am moderately active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week).
    Thanks in advance guys

  2. I'd recommend getting some more carbs in. By the end of the week you might find yourself weaker. How many calories are your maintenance? I'd say shoot for a couple hundred below maintenanceand slowly decrease it from there. 1500 calls seem a little low. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. six packs and eight packs are core muscles. things like torso twists with a medicine ball will do wonders for working all those muscles with little resistance. also a few vertical leg raises and u will be "FEELING the BURN" LOL ouch
    you realize he want's abs right? 
    carbs are the opposite of what he needs right now.
    @op, your caloric intake is way too low, you will have no energy, lose mental capacity and sex drive if you do it for a long time. eat more fat and protein in your diet like bacon, eggs, nuts.
    for exercise, do compound lifts that engage the core, this will stimulate your testosterone and develop many stabilizer msucles in the core. (squats, deadlifts) for isolation exercise, try alternating between stability and explosiveness 
    stability is like planking, explosiveness is like kettlebell swings
  5. Some good advice so far, but if you really want abs, your going to have to do alot of cardio and eat right, doesn't matter how ripped your abs are if they're covered up with a layer of fat.
    Personally I work out alot but i'd have to quit drinking beer if I wanted to really get a six pack, I have a bit of lower belly fat that is stubbornly sticking around, and I just know the beer is the culprit.
  6. Carbs cause insulin spikes which prevent fat burning

    Cut carbs if you want to burn fat

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    Hey guys, thanks to you all for the answers. 
    I didn't know that carbs were that important, but I don't know how much I should take of them. For fats I usually try to stay below the 100% daily need based on the nutrition values on food packages, how does it work for carbs ? Anyway, I took a little more calories today but I cheated by taking 2 mcdoubles for lunch, just looked at the nutrition values and now I regret.
    Here's today's log (carbs included) : 
    Gender: M
    Age : 19
    Weight : 165 lbs (74.8kg)
    Height : 5ft11 (180cm)
    Today's calorie intake : 2006
    Today's protein intake : 188.48 g
    Today's carb intake : 146.62 g 
    Today's fat intake : 70.62 g
    Today's Water intake : A gallon
    \nNo exercise today.
    Also, how much cardio do you recommend ?
  8. Thats waaaaay to many carbs.

    If you cause a blood sugar spike, youll put on fat instantly (literally insulin pushes fat into fat cells) and you wont be able to burn it no matter how fucking hard you work. (Insulin prevents fat burning. In the lab they found fat diabetic rats could starve to death withoug burning any fat for energy)


    Think about it. In the natural human diet, you dont find carbs. You get a small ammount from fruits and seeds, but grains are unheard of in our paleo diet. The most grains ancient people ate was some ground up barely, maybe a pinch

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  9. ^^^^
    The key here is insulin though. If you moderate carb intake and dont cause insulin spikes, youll be find.

    But literally that meanz you cant even eat a burger. The bun fucks you up.

    A couple fruit is the most you should risk. (Also whole foods digest slower so you can get aaay with more carbs than say with burger)

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  10. That much dedication would drive me nuts. I just eat what I want and ride my bike around the city. Come home to a cold beer and bong rips.Omega369 :wave:
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    I read an article on livestrong that said the following : ''Therefore, the fewer calories you consume during weight loss, the lower your daily carbohydrate goal will be. For example, if you're eating 1,200 calories a day, aim for 135 to 195 grams of carbs -- and if your weight-loss calorie requirement is 1,600 calories daily, shoot for 180, but no more than 260, grams of carbs per day.''
    That's a dietician who wrote that so that's why I was following it, but I guess that might be the ''easy'' diet. How low do you think I should go ?
    Edit : So I searched for calories needed in the case of weight maintenance and found an interesting calculator (might be useful to estimate how many carbs I should have) :
    Loss: 1650 to 1850 calories
    Gain: 2650 to 2850 calories
    Maintenance : 2150 to 2350 calories
    This excludes all exercise, instead it just asked if my lifestyle was sedentary, light (as in office environment), etc...
  12. Man fuck ab exercises don't see the point in all the work ppl do for their abs. Just do sprints and keep your diet reasonably good, job doneSent from my GT-S5360 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    yea but why would you want to lose weight by restricting calories, when it's so unhealthy and unnecessary?
    and why would you eat less fat? just because it's called fat doesnt mean it makes you fat lol
    you should try to target 20% or less of your caloric intake from carbohydrate
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    yurigadaisukida, on 04 Feb 2014 - 03:15 AM, said:
    I've gotten on that starting this morning by skipping milk, cereals, and juice. I just had a 3-egg omelette, 5 cucumber sticks and a slice of low-fat low-carb turkey. Is that closer to the diet you'd suggest ?
    Update : Had a big a** salad for lunch, some crab and cheese with artichoke for dinner, and 3 protein shakes during the whole day.
    Here's what we've got, never been this low :
    Gender: M
    Age : 19
    Weight : 167 lbs (75.8kg)
    Height : 5ft11 (180cm)
    Today's calorie intake : 1083
    Today's protein intake : 139 g
    Today's carb intake : 39 g 
    Today's fat intake : 25.75 g
    Today's Water intake : A gallon
    \n1 hour and a half of exercise today (but no cardio)
    \nComments : it's 11:40 pm and I am not hungry, I realize that all of this is super low but for some reason I don't feel the hunger, and my weight increased which I don't understand either. I might add some calories before I go to bed, perhaps a glass of milk. Any comments ?
  15. Noooo!!! ^ You can't eat that little and expect results! Your body is holding onto the fat because it thinks you're having a hard time finding food. You have to eat at least 1,800 calories as an adult male.
  16. Yea six packs arent really worth it for most of us. Its easy to stay in shape, but hard to be perfect

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  17. This is also true. Dont eat less. Eat right!

    And as for the carb thing, dont listen to people who tell you exact numbers. Everyones bodt is different.

    I may get an insulin spike from 50g of carbs while you might be able to eat 100 before you get high blood sugar.

    Also carb types matter. 100g of sugar from an apple has a much much lower GCI than 100g of starch from bread!

    Dont count calories, dont count carbs, just eat balanced and watch your blood sugar levels. If you arent getting insulin spikes, the carbs are not so bad.

    On a side note high blood sugar also scares your arteries and causes cholesterol build up. Contrary to popular belief, high high cholesterol diet wont clog arteries, because cholesteral is the body's natural defense go damaged arteries. Its teh sugar!

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  18. Dont count carbs. Everyones body is different. Instead pay attention to blood sugar levels

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  19. Don't cut so many calories out of your diet, you'll only do yourself harm. When you start missing significant amounts of calories your body goes into fat-storing mode, thus any calories you DO intake will mostly be held as fat, not what you want. 
    First of all, cut out all sugar in your diet. Drink alot of water, aim for around 6-8 glasses a day. 
    Secondly, change the food you eat. Try and cut down on potato and bread, and instead try to eat more vegetables and lean meats. Things like chicken, broccoli, spinach, turkey, tuna, onions, leafy lettuces are all your friend, get well acquainted. 
    Thirdly, change the size of the meals you eat to correspond with the time of day. Try to make your breakfast the biggest meal of the day, when you wake up your metabolism is at its highest and a good breakfast will leave you feeling less sluggish throughout the day. Scrambled eggs on brown bread toast is a good choice I find, as long as there's plenty of it. 
    On the other hand, try to make sure your evening meal is your smallest meal, and more importantly the least fatty. Your metabolism will slow right down on the evening, so any excess fat you consume will just sit there in storage while you sleep, you definitely don't want that. 
    Remember, abs are made in the kitchen.
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    Ok first of all, I appreciate everybody's help as I'm not very knowledgeable with food. Yesterday's values were incomplete, I got super hungry and ended up with about 1400 kcal total, carbs and fats also increased by a few grams. I think I'm getting the hang of things but still am super confused.

    Is it bad that my carbs are low (I thought someone said they were too high that's why I decreased them )? And when you say to stay away from bread etc... Does it mean NO bread ever ?

    I will post today's values later, but so far I've had very few calories so as someone suggested I'll get more of that asap so that my evening meal can be light.

    Last thing, when I tried to calculate my needs for weight loss it gave me a range from about 1500-1900. If you were me what would you target ?

    Thanks guys

    Edit : how do you measure blood sugar ? Do I look up the glycemic ind exes of what I eat ?

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