Which album for the rest of ETERNITY?

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    For one reason or another you're stuck in a permanent coma [no movement is possible] with no hope of waking up/recovering but you can hear perfectly. A nurse comes in and puts headphones on you and hits play on an ipod [Only one album on it set on repeat] What album would you want it to be?

    Don't try to poke holes in the situation and just answer the question :D
  2. Tupac Greatest Hits disc 1 and 2

  3. great selection :smoke: I'm still trying to decide, so many amazing albums to choose from.
  4. As much hate as I may get for this, Cudi's MOTM #1, I can't pick between all of the other amazing hip-hop albums, but I feel like I would never get tired of Cudi
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    post 666 golf wang swag etc etc



  6. I saw this before the edit? wtf? lol
  7. Well...that's a hard one, im guessing The Wall

    And I hope they put me on a morphine drip for the hell of it, and my homies turn my Iron Lung into a bong of some sort.....yea

  8. I'd say The Wall too... Mainly cause of length. If not that though, probably Zeppelin II or Houses of the Holy
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    Infected Mushrooms album Classical Mushroom
    !!!! This is a tough decision :/ maybe the muses rapt spiritual healing.. No imma go with classical mushroom that way I can trip balls for the rest of my life and have constant memories :smoke: I would be fine living in my thoughts to that album :D


    In fact that song on repeat would be fine... I would not be in this dimension with tis album playing and I would be pretty kool with being in another dimension forever :p
  10. :D ^^ great choice Stan is the SHIT
  11. my all time favourite album. it's so well rounded, i will never get sick of it.

  12. Aphex Twin? fuck yea budday!!!! Thats some seriously trippy music.. ahh good times good times :bongin:
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    Was going through my subscriptions and saw this.. here's a bump cause I think this is a good idea however i'm gonna change the album i'd pick for the the hell of it.

    Lets see... I'll go with the album..


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8CLJizsFqg]YouTube - ‪Shulman - Mushroom Therapy‬‏[/ame]
    Favourite song on it ^
  14. The Beatles Revolver
  15. [​IMG]

    Till my brain explodes from the awesomeness.
  16. eternity is VERY long time. i dont think i would want to listen to alot of lyrics for that long (esp same ones). and itd have to be somethin mellow, cuz im juss chillin... prolly a trance album. Tri-State by Above and Beyond or Future Memories by ATB... prolly leaning towards ATB...

    idk toughie. cuz i can think of so much amazing music

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3g-PKogC5c]YouTube - ‪ATB - Future Memories‬‏[/ame]
  17. [​IMG] such a hard decision
  18. lol I forgot I made this thread.

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