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  1. THE GOD DAMN REFRESH BUTTON on the new firefox:mad::confused_2:!?!?! i think its 4
  2. i think if you right click on the toolbar somewhere and choose customize, the refresh button is in there and you can place it where you want it. i'm not really sure why they didn't just add it in, but whatever.
  3. Its in the url bar. Look to the right, and you will see a blue circle with a cross. Its just to the left of that. Its pretty small. I dont know why they did that
  4. its right of the address bar next to the star... its a circle arrow thing
  5. Just hit F5....
  6. god forbid being on grasscity without the refresh button
  7. They moved it dude.

    Main reason I switched to Chrome.
  8. You switched to chrome because they moved the refresh button?
  9. there is no cross thingy or a circle arrow..

    all i have is all my bookmarks,google search bar,close,minnimize,hide..back,forward,and the url br or w.e it is..and file,edit....ect.
  10. Its in the url bar to the right

    and the circle thing is probably just my theme
  11. This shit makes me not want to update Firefox. I hate when programs fix what isn't broke.
  12. figured it out..gotta right click on the tab itself....so much trouble

    oh shit! dave chappell is on comedy central right now!!..stand up not the show
  13. I know its on there somewhere. I cant really help though since I dont have the default skin

  14. Well, probably not the main reason, I wanted to be able to se which sites i visited most. Chrome does that easily.
  15. holy shit people you can move the refresh button wherever you want in literally 5 seconds. also @the crafter, New Tab King - Learn more
  16. Between F4 and F6.

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