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Wheres you happy place?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DreamLurkin, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Probably either the pub, or my mate's conservatory. Awesome blazing it up in the ol' conservatory...
  2. I've found lots of places that are awesome when I go hiking, lots of happy places:

    - a field surrounded by small forests, the field is covered in small hobbit-hole-like hills, theres about a hundred of them, one of the hills is shaped in the form of a crescent moon, with a guava tree growing in the center.

    -In a secluded forest following a deer trail that leads to a small pathway of about twenty feet. Everything is covered in super green moss, one side of the path has a hill with hundreds of green moss hills growing on it, different types of moss including one thats shaped like the antlers of a reindeer.

    -way back into the wilderness theres an old pathway no one uses, it curves and opens into a gigantic gulch, huge trees line the top of the walls and makes for an excellent smoking spot.

    -high in the mountains there's a forest of eucalyptus trees with a large ravine going down the mountain, many of the trees had fallen across the ravine so its like tons of fat bridges its awesome to smoke there and just cruize across them lol.

    -many many more ill post some later lol
  3. The pond that's about a mile from my house. Not very many people go there since it's not very big, but it's perfect for me and my dog to play water fetch. It looks kinda tropical because of these plants with giant leaves that grow along it, and during the warm season everything's even greener than usual. It's the perfect place to stop the time, forget all your worries, and just go someplace else for a while. Munchies aren't a problem thanks to all the wild berries in my area. Plus, the county road ends almost right before it, so you don't have to worry about chp!
  4. out on my roof, which is more of a deck than a roof.

    I like to go out there for wake n bake and at night, and listen to music from my phone while I'm tokin it up.
  5. In the pool on a floatie that you lay on with my chillum. When you're off the floatie and out of the pool it feels like you're still in. Definately one of my own little trances.

  6. nice av.:wave:

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