Where's you favorite place to smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jaywiz614, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Mine is in the car while it's either raining really hard or snowing really hard.
  2. In the car driving to work

    Taken this morning :)

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  3. Very nice, That's a beautiful view!
  4. I also like to smoke in the bathroom as a "Sauna" that gets me ripped everytime
  5. I got like a 70s-75 camper that i put some speakers and a tv in it and only a few people know that i go in it so its a good place to just chill an smoke after work
  6. In the cab of my truck, at night, music on and looking at the sky :)
  7. in the mountains, about 15 minutes away :smoking:
  8. On top of a mountain after a long ass hike.
  9. Wherever doesn't get me caught :) lol but um, by myself, the woods are cool assuming its not an indica :p with friends it'd be just chillin in a bedroom/basement or chillin on a front porch
  10. On the toilet while taking a shit.
  11. In my room at night with the lights out, a candle lit and some jammy music. Idk why but i love it.
  12. Backyard by the lake with the ducks.
  13. On long drives with nothing to do but talk and listen music. My bedroom and living room. And on warm summer nights nothing beats a joint in the back yard.
  14. in my car with the music pumpin, getting ready to open work and start my day
  15. Only done it a couple times but smoking on a ski lift is pretty nice. Hard to keep it lit though.
  16. my bedroom or attic where i got my man attic or my balcony
  17. Me and my buddies just experimented with the lifts, more of a pain to light the dam joints

  18. yes. an MFLB would be perfect for this
  19. I have blazed at some truly exotic locs--but the fave place is my ez chair on the backside of my garage that looks onto a forested field horizon.
  20. my garden or by the pier

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