Where's the dro?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lowrobinson, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I'm from MA and two years ago it seemed like dro was the hot commodity. This summer I did not smoke any dro and I still haven't found any. Any reasons?
  2. better check with Highrobinson
  3. You have a new dealer that doesn't use the term 'dro' ?
  4. there was a huge bust and then we got flooded with mids and bomb shit, but i no what you mean a few years ago dro was EVERYWHERE but its back again just not as strong
  5. wheres the hoes
  6. I dunoo man, you tell me. I don't live in Massachusetts.
  7. Shit man, I've been smoking some crazy weed this summer, get a new connect.
  8. I've been smoking plenty of bomb shit it's just eventually it runs a hole in my wallet. Dro was nice because it was mid level price but it got you significantly more fucked up than mids. I don't mind buying bomb I just liked having a cheaper alternative without having to stoop down to mids.

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