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Wheres the big in Recreational

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by RTIXA, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. With this new industry at the brink of exploding nationwide where do you think the investors are putting their cash?
    I've been dabbling with a  few idea's on concentrate, but wanted to see if anyone else has any earth shattering idea's?
    I'm thinking of getting in the edible game/vap game and try and create the healthiest product possible.

  2. Don't think you will get many replies on these forums when it comes to $$$ making.
    In all honesty the biggest money maker in the long run would most likely be medicinal.
    Though that could be awhile.  Remember it has tons of medicinal use and if history has
    taught us anything medicine makes money. 
  3. #3 Galaxy420, Jan 16, 2014
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    the biggest money is in breakdown and correct dosage and measurable, reproducible consistent results everytime
    F#$K, this is a recreational question thread. maybe still an idea for rec and med
    next day edit..  strain identification too, big money in that
  4. I love reading your blog because it has very useful,effective and interesting topics. Best of luck for your efforts.
  5. Good edibles for sure.  It's the easiest thing to break into, and once you've established yourself there you could expand into concentrates when you're ready.
    It's the easiest to make unique as well, there's plenty of people making sweet baked goods, and there's Bhang bars, etc for chocolate, Molly Ranchers for candy, but not that many unique treats.
    (example, someone I met makes honey oil bacon)
    (or I saw medicated goldfish in a dispensary)
    For recreational, maybe a restaurant that serves medicated appetizers, to make the main course even better?

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