Where's the best place to find nomadic individuals who want to come help and learn on our farm?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Business and Industry' started by rhedda, Jan 20, 2023.

  1. What we are trying to achieve is more than simply a Cannabis biz - Eco village, cultural events (mostly reggae; we are Caribbean people), general sustainable agriculture. We're in Southern New Mexico
  2. The entire west coast. Millions of homeless. But they would rather stay by the beach and not work.
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  3. Perhaps I should narrow the scope a bit and rephrase the inquiry to "...best place on the web"
  4. I feel like nomadic people arent really looking for what your offering and if they are, they probably arent really looking on the web. One of the local grow shops hosts a yearly "grow bash" or whatever they call it where anyone can setup as a vendor and sell whatever they want. clothes, pipes, bonsai, I feel like those are the people your looking for but i got no clue how to find them.
  5. Buy Robots.
    You damn sure are not going to find workers in this day and age. Offer $50 an hour plus medical, vacation, and.. You'll still find them on the phone and the machine they should have been running hopelessly fouled and broken..... We have generations of American's that think actual work is below them. They think the world own them a living just for having been born. Finding someone with an old school real work ethic is like finding buried treasure nowadays.
    My Godson owns an auto repair shop and pays damn good money and still has a constant labor shortage. Has to turn down work as he can't get the help he needs.
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  6. Yep. Goes along the line of what i said. Nomads are either bums on the beach or they are people like oil line welders or construction workers that chase natural disasters for top dollar or social media clowns. Doubt theres many people who want to live in a wasteland like new mexico working on a farm. Unless it pays 100$ an hour.
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  7. most obvious it is ....! grab your staff as they extract themselves from the smugglers tunnels
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  8. Don't be disheartened by these overwhelmingly cynical responses.
    Here's a site that will connect you to people needing work experience, food and shelter, who will gladly work for it.

    I've been invited to volunteer on a farm in New Zealand. Not growing weed, but the guy from the farm says I can smoke it
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  9. Also, I'm interested! I want to volunteer
  10. Have fun attracting serial killers and weirdos. Think less nomadic and more introvert.
  11. depends buddy, whats in it for me? cause all i want to do is grow weed and race jetskis for the most part. and most on here would vouch for MY Skill.
  12. oh and thats really me in that photo, unlike all the other folks here i am not afraid to show my face. however, you are also talking to every OG in the game. and they have hot daughters.... who like loyalty....
  13. Thanks for sharing this site

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  14. Free labor??? Start a cult. :confused_2:;)

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