wheres the 420 in the 402

Discussion in 'General' started by thisguy, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Hey gc guys and girls from Nebraska! Just saying what's up, just curious if i'm the only one that lives in this shithole of a state...
  2. delaware is 302 thats only 1 away.

    we're practicaly siblings.
  3. Fuck the midwest. Poor land locked bastards.
  4. its not like you're swimming to the moon any time soon.
  5. im from omaha, i fuckin hate this state
  6. damn this thread just made me make the connection between area codes and 420.

    toronto one is 416!! so unless anyone is within 4 (>416,<424) ... we win!!
  7. im from elkhorn well since the bitch got annexed i suppose im from omaha, graduated from elkhorn
  8. People live in Nebraska?
  9. yeah people live in nebraska. people also live in vans by some freakin river somewhere
  10. I'm in the 416
  11. I've never been to Nebraska but I think the best thing it has going for them is a cool name. Anyone know if Omaha Steaks is associated with Nebraska? If so, thats the claim to fame.

  12. Haha of course! AND were famous for the college world series lol

    I like baseball so i dont mind it too much. weather sucks though
  13. I'm from Iowa... fml...

    Oh, and area code 420 is somewhere in WI
  14. Of course when you go to look up exactly where in wisconsin it's at, it tells you "region unknown" what a crockpot full of crap
  15. i'm 414 wisconsin. close enough haha :rolleyes:
  16. Do you by chance know where in wisconsin that the area code is 420?
  17. Good old huskers. That is a claim to fame! Too bad we're loosing suh. He is the freakin man!
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    Aye. Agreed.
  19. if i lived in nebraska i'd just grow everywhere and smoke my sorrows away
  20. unfortunately its easier said than done obviously :rolleyes:
    cops here are such assholes when it comes to buds. I got pulled over one time and ended up getting close to a $400 ticket for having paraphonelia and less than an ounce.

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