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where's stonygurl?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. I haven't seen stony around for a couple of days. Has anyone else seen or talked to her?

    Just worried about her!
  2. I was thinking that she wasn't doing that until after christmas. I guess she changed her mind.

    Thanks critter!
  3. High guys! Yeah I'm still kickin'....You are right BudHead I go in for surgery after Christmas. Been not feeling so well so my spare time is spent curled up with a fattie and my heating pad. Thanks for missing me and I pm'd ya too, Studhead.

    I hope everyone out there is doing good. Send some good Karma my way so I can hold on until the surgery...
  4. I wish you well on the surgery stonygurl,,peace to you and your heating pad...

  5. Good to see you are OK stonygurl! Good karma is coming your way! I hope the surgery goes well and the pain never comes. Don't get to friendly with the heating pad. I wouldn't want it to come between us!

    Love ya,
  6. Some UK Karma coming at ya! Hope it all goes well!!!!
  7. You're the one that's gonna get all the good drugs!

    I'll come up and take care of ya if ya want me to!

    For a fee of course.:);)

    Have a good 'un and be good!
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  8. Thanks, guys. Don't worry, Bud Head, the pad is just my temporary snuggle-buddy. And Smoki, I'm the luckiest gal on earth..I gotta 10-year old sweetheart who is looking forward to waiting on mom hand and foot *lol*. Ahh, and I'll milk it for all it's worth!
  9. Hey Stony!

    How are you feeling g/f? I hope all is well...and you don't hurt too much! I love those painkillers the docs hand out when you have surgery...smoke a joint after you've taken one...and all your worries become non-existent...;)
  10. Me too critter, me too!
  11. Hey there crit, bh, I *am* still around. work seems to take up most of my time, and when I am home,, I have to stand in line for the computer now, with a pre-teen boy in the house. I will try to post more regularly, at least on the weekends I should have some time. I hope you guys are all doing well and staying high!! Life is pretty good around here, 'cept we have a mouse problem that is about to drive me nuts!! The good mouser got ran over on the highway by our house last summer, now all we have is our retired cat and he has no interest in catching the buggers. I have caught more than he has!!

    Here it is October and still no snow, went elk hunting last weekend but elk must be up high, still too warm for them. I think we will go up again tomorrow, see if we can get one.

    WEll it's off to work I go! Everyone have a good weekend, y'hear!?? That's an ORDER!

  12. ya just made my day :D.
  13. Elk?....are they just like Stag's?.........or bigger, good to see you around again.......Peace out........Sid
  14. elk are bigger than deer, and taste better too!

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  15. Stonygurl.............. How can I put this so it doesn't sound to foward......


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