Where's NuBBs?!?!??!

Discussion in 'General' started by D9_THC, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. Is he still recoverin'?

    Or is he here.... spying on us for the CIA?!?!

    I'll never tell! Never!

    *Jumps out of a high window*
  2. i heard that he cant undo his seatbelt in the gay mobile
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  3. Hmmm.... You never can tell where sweet NuBB's could be...he tries to be mysterious on occasion....when he actually puts the effort into it, it sometimes works.

    (...good cover-up Norm....we cant let anyone know we are actually watching the Ice Cream Man struggle with his seat belt in the mini-van ....)
  4. blahbedy blah blahblah....blah blah blah...blahbedy blahbecdyc blab byla blay blah blarbedy blah blah barlmedy...BLAH!

    (YEAH!! im glad we finally got this operation goin....and that super glue idea you had seems to be working... i just dont have any freakin cattle prod buffalo wings)
  5. i heard that he cant undo his seatbelt in the gay mobile

    LMAO....nice one......Peace out.....Sid
  6. ....NO! IT IS I!...NUBBIN!...duh duh duh duuuuuuh!!!!!!!!!

    Im here....have no fear...ive been smoking... tokin... chokin... having fun with a bokken.....a bokken is a wooden sword used in several martial arts practices......SASS!

    I've been distracted lately guys..im sorry....saturday..I worked all day like every week...sunday I was asleep and didn't wake up untill the afternoon..then I went out with friends sunday night and haven't really gotten around to getting some time on the computer since then..I just ordered AT&T broadband so I now have a cable modem installed on my computer, plus I got this deal where I get digital cable tv along with it also..so now I have like 500 channels and I dont know what to do with myself!!...plus I bought grand theft auto for my computer the other day and have been playing video games like a nut....basically im trying to live up the remaining days of summer before I have to return to my fall semester....

    Did I mention I love you all?....more than in just a friends sort of way...grrrrrrr...

    (Thats not me you fools! Thats just one of my many look alikes!....Ive been sipping margaritas and skippingaround in my birthday suit all week!...MUAHAHAHAHA!)
  7. Haha! NuBBs is here, to save the day!
  8. So he can undo the seatbelt on the gay mobile?
  9. ive been lookin for one of them birthday suits....for like.. a while, but all i can find is a straightjacket
  10. Normsy Poo...you are in your birthday suit!!!!!!

    GrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..I love the Ice Cream Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's SEXY, I tell you. MAD SEXY!
  11. And we wouldn't have him any other way :D
  12. im tellin ya..i can not find a birthday suit anywhere...and the one time i do find a rack labeled bday suit...they appeared to be sold out...oh well..im only one man..what can i do 0_o

  13. You gotta be stoned out of your rightfull mind!!!!!!!!

    Or not!

  14. Is there any other way to be??????
  15. Haha!!! Stonerism!!!!!

    If you spend one second not stoned, then we throw stones at you!!!!
    It is the will of NuBBin!

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