where's my weed...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Eric 805, May 24, 2010.

  1. well, this is an annoying occurance

    you spend your time growing something and then one day you decide to trade that something for six grams after having spent 5 weeks growing it and then a cop comes along that very day and searches shit and then next thing you know you haven't even smoked a gram of your weed that you bought yesterday (4 grams) and not a single bowl of the new stuff that I just got maybe an hour and a half ago. god damn it

    this time i'm just mad at the police
    no weed

    what the fuck?
  2. ...in God's name are you talking about?
  3. are you talking about?
  4. lmfao stone wars + rep for the yoda sig hahahahhahahahahhahahahah

  5. Heh thanks bro. I'd rep you for your Sig--OH WAIT.

    Jk :wave:
  6. Why would you trade that "something" for only 6 grams?
  7. what the FUCK is going on here.
  8. yeah that made no fucking sense,
  9. well.... we've all been there

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