Where's my papers?

Discussion in 'General' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. Superjoint, I'm out of my papers and am still waiting for my order to come. Could you tell Santa Claus to get it from the postal system and drop it down my chimney. I promise not to leave a fire burning till I get them.

    P.S. what did you think about my plastic stash holder pic I emailed you?
  2. Spoke to soon. Came home today and guess what was in my mail box but the order. But there was a problem the futurola was broken into three pieces, all the papers were pulled from their packaging and ripped in two, everything was destroyed except the grinder!

    I'm in fucking shock right now with this and don't know what to say. There's no letter from customs inside but it looks like the bottem of the box has been opened and retaped with clear tape.

    Superjoint, give me some direction on what to do.
  3. Sounds like you had a random encounter with an anonymous weed-hater, or they have some evil crackheads working in customs!!
    Hope you get a refund, or reshipment of material! Down on Vandalism, and around the holidays ;(
  4. US customs.....make up your own theory, It's sick. Please understand i have no power over any customs authority, it'sonly to frustrate our business and put us in a bad light. They won't succeed. I hope everybody understands.

    Big Poppas package has been resended, of course.

    Keep us posted if it arrives!

    Merry Christmas dear members!
  5. The replacement order came in today. When I got home I had a box waiting for me in the house. The mail lady brought it to the house so it wouldn't get wet. The good news - customs didn't open this one up and ruin it like they did the first one. Thank You Superjoint for being a good and honest businessman.

    To everyone who is thinking about ordering from SJ let me tell you this - don't be afraid of customs to place an order. The worst that can happen is that they will destroy your order and then send it on to you. Superjoint was good enough to resend the order and it came through OK this time. On service alone this site has got to be the best on-line shop for your smoking needs.

    Now to my order, I love the futurola rolling machine. I can't hand roll a joint for nothing and have always depended on rolling machines. The Futurola roller will roll the biggest, fattest joints you have seen. And the King size ratsa papers are just what I've wanted. Nothing like popping that roller open and seeing a five inch joint there. Thank you for super-sizing my joints. BPP!!!!!!!!
  6. Dear BPP,

    Thanks for your trust and believe in grasscity!

    Enjoy :)

  7. Grasscity is a great place! My god I didn't know customs could do that! What the fuck! Is it not illegal to destroy someones property? Wtf
  8. Hyperbump has been seen...

    Illegality by destroying illegal paraphernalia? I'm sure the courts would love that lawsuit to come to pass...

    And Customs are a law unto themselves, they do as they like, when they like, how they like...
  9. Gosh I wonder how many users GC had when this was posted. Seems like it used to be really tight.

  10. Its not paraphernalia till something illegal has been smoked out of it. For all we know op could have been using that shit for tobbaco, salvia, or herbal blends. I don't see how breaking someones (not illegal) property is okay. If a bong is automatically illegal then headshops wouldnt exist. I would like to see that go into courts. If you had a good lawyer I would think you have a good chance. They have no proof he was using his equipment for ganja smoking, its bs
  11. You'd wanna go to court for a packet of papers?
  12. Well if my grinder, roller, and papers were destroyed and I wasn't refunded (thank god sj is cool to refund)
    then fuck yea. You can't let them get away with that shit. If I won id have enough papers for life :cool:

  13. That's the thing. Unless you have the money for an amazing lawyer, you probably wouldn't win.

  14. Ooh I got the money :ey::ey::ey:

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