wheres everyone from

Discussion in 'General' started by Grooven2dmb, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. i was wondering where everyone is from. Everyone should get together for a party one of these days
  2. my name is critter and l live at 420 stml lane stonerville in the land of oz ,lol.

    Hey great first post.

    Now should l have my bags packed ?????:D
  3. The weathers fine mate.

    [​IMG]But l was thinking l might be the one going on holidays when the police come knocking at my door. :D
  4. i thought we had a date highgirly??
  5. 90 degs and fine .

    l,am warming up the old harley now.

    Umm ,but l think it takes like 36 hours to get here by plane.
  6. i never stood you up. i said dock 27 at 8 and i waited till 940!!!
  7. I live in Ireland.
  8. wouldn't it be strange if you lived next door to a member from grasscity but didn't even know it?
  9. I live between critter and highgirliy.. In a round about way!
  10. Central Texas, and I know a lot of members are from The Lone Star State, too.
  11. Washington, DC anyone?
  12. Wisconsin all the way... i know some people on here are from wisconsin... yeah we're kewl...
  13. saskatchewan Canada
  14. hey crisco, me also

  15. Wisconites rule... im like an hour north of milwaukee...
  16. well im about 1.5 hours north :)

    wanna meet?
  17. RedLikeSun,

    Are you in Austin? I am from there. In fact I will be going back tomorrow for an arraignment around there.

  18. Nope, San Antonio.

  19. i do! and for a while i didnt know it, but that was only for like a week, but then i forgot his user name, but then i found it out again like acouple of weeks ago. hes my best bud and only lives like a mile away from me..one tiem me and on of my other friends that was sleeping over asked him to come over my house (my parents werent home) at like 12, and we said we would walk half way and meet him and he would bring a joint (i had never smoked before and neither had my friernd) and so he did, but while we were walking back to my hosue a cop pulled over and drove us home, that sucked, they talked to his parents but not mine since they werent home, and then later on that night i was talking to him at like 2 and i asked him to come over again, so he did and we smoked a little bit, but not much, and then at 4 he feel asleep in my closet and hten my paretns came home, i woke him up at 7 and then he ran all the way home to find his mom crying so she called my parents and tld them what happend i got in a lot of trouble that day, but even WORSE my sister was home that night and at 10 i had soem guys i wasnt allowed to hang out with over and my sister knew about that and the cop, but she didnt know about the oither guy coming over and sleeping over, so my parents asked her what happend that night, and they told her they kenw everything (thinking they did) so she was liek oh well since you already know and hten she told them about those other guys coming over...oh shit, and that was just 2 days before my birthday, and it sucked, but then my paretns jsut forgave me and said dont let it happen again...to bad i was dumb and got caught having htat same guy over just a couple of weeks later...oh well...sorry i dont even remember what this thread was about, and why i typed my story...lol

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