Wheres Bobbert???

Discussion in 'General' started by meatwad420, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. where is he? its been really buggin me lately that i havent seen him around the city. i loved his posts and really wanted to see that bong/steamroller hybrid his blower was making for him.

    BOBBERT Where Are You????!!!?!!?!!?!?!?!
  2. Hrmm seems like he's around to me....maybe I'm just imagining things...
  3. i have seen him around, i think a better question is

    WHERE IS GUY FROM THE 70'S???????????????
  4. meatwad i believe bobbert is still around i just seen him post not too long ago...i think there are a few ppl i havent seen in awhile tho
  5. who cares?

    fuck bobbert, i never get these message when i dissapear.
  6. i have no fucking clu but he was the chillest guy ever. i mean ever DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?
  7. Rasta, quit whining like a little bitch :p....juuustt kidding

    yeah meatwad, i agree, 70's was an awesome dude

    HAHA vVVVV....Hazed....... what a smartass :smoke:
  8. lol bobberts in seattle. Why do you ask? :p

  9. Probably because you're an asshole like you just showed us all...


    The Man In Black

    EDIT: OH SHIT, Im in kent! Mr.Bob, Do you know of any headshops around the area?
  10. Oh snap, some bad karma coming my way, huh?

    I was just fooling around. I was under the impression that bobbert is a pretty easy-going guy and can handle a little abuse.

    Sorry to offend.

  11. dude no one needs your input. and just to let you know, rasta has been here a loooooooong time and is one of the chillest guys on this site

    i was just wondering, but thanks for clearing things up Hazed. i can always count on you:hide:
  12. hahaha give him A LITTLE slack, he IS new and doesn't really know all the workings and shit going on here

    ...granted he is new and shouldn't be mouthing off but still
  13. ya i just saw a post of bobbert that was recent his still around
  14. It's cool.

    And let's be honest... who DOESN'T want to tell me off sometimes?
  15. never crossed my mind :rolleyes:

  16. me:bolt: :hide: :bolt: :hide: :bolt: :hide:

  17. u can find em in the Seasoned Tokers forum hes been postin past couple days
  18. Sorry to offend.
    I wasn't offended.
    You just came off as an asshole.
    But seeing as it was a playful tease, I withdrawl my comment.
    Long days and pleasent nights to you.

    I'll put my input where I figure it's needed:D .

    And if he is ' one of the chillest guys', then so be it.
    But was there anything in his reply that didn't give me a reason to beleive he was just a jerk?

    The Man In Black
  19. Just because ones post count is low and register date is recent, certainly does not mean his is new to the site.

    And if I was new, does this mean I cannot point out another persons rude nature, even if it was false.

    The Man In Black
  20. i was trying to help you out man, goddamn

    no it does not necessarily mean you are new, as i browsed this site for a few months before joining

    since we all knew Rasta was kidding and you didn't was an obvious sign you DIDN'T know what was up, settle down

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