where's all the mexican stoners?

Discussion in 'General' started by habitualtoker, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. so ive been a blade for a couple of months but i kind of noticed that there arent many minorities on here are there? much less latinos or mexicans...anyway im mexican so where are the rest of us? you guys think our culture makes weed affect us differently?
  2. haha dunno that it counts.
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    right hereee

    im from the bay too
  4. The majority of Mexicans in the southern US are illegals and therefore are not coming forward for fear of extrication. :bong:
  5. dude quit being racist. really though are there no mexicans in the city?

  6. What's up dude. Soy marihuano como tu.
  7. Its only wrong when were racist about black people lol

    Nah im pretty sure we got some of everything here.

    We got types of people you didnt know existed
  8. nm just read the post
  9. hey habitualtoker are you from the San Francisco bay area(what city) or are you from San francisco?

    Im from Napa
  10. fremont
  11. I'm half Mexican, I look white though.
  12. oakland mexican stoner. i smoke weed all fuckin day.
  13. Most of the Mexican/Latinos I know here in the states, are more into drinking Beer and womanizing! Haha

  14. How can you tell what their race is over the internet?
  15. If you click on the persons name while the number 1 + the right arrow+ the number 0 + control the person's race appears next to the arrow/hand
  16. i was actually going by the photos on "post your pic" threads. not to mention the ones in the galleries.
  17. Dude, go to California. The state practically belongs to the Mexicans again there's so many...
  18. i am from california...and it's not THE mexicans...why's so hard to see my people to unite?

  19. like a new color called tuesday.

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