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Where's a great dispensary?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by anoldsoul69, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I just recently got my med card. Can anyone recommend some good dispensaries around the Coachella Valley?
  2. C.A.P.S.+ off ramon by the ps airport is the main one i use, cannahelp on el paseo is an ok club, caps is just closer to where im at. theres more, google is your friend.

    your welcome

  4. Thanks man. I was looking online and saw a place called Desert Organic Solutions advertising $30 eighths for first-time customers. I ended up paying $75 and the selection was not that great. Not going back there. I'll have to try C.A.P.S. I've heard it's good.
  5. No problem, man, always willing to help a fellow patient.

    caps has been around for a while(not a bad dispensary, just somewhat overrated), cannahelp has been around alot longer and is amazing but like i said its out of the way fer me, when they open that 10,000 sq ft building tho, its on.
  6. i agree. DOC is the worst. soo expensive and soo dry and harsh. plus the douche bag tries to delete every true (negative) comment from weedmaps. this place is all about the $$$, no compassion to be found.

    they'll tell you their $30 8ths are good but even for $30 its a rip off, it's shwag not worthy of a jar.

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