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  1. I have pre flowers on my side chutes now and in between some stems theres like little clusters of what kind of look like stipules but also looks like a mini bud forming.. here's some pics

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  2. Congrats! You've got pistils
  3. I do?! You see them?

    Ok so now, for the biggest controversial question.. am I considered flowering now or is it flowering when you see an actual first bud forming? Ima say when you see that first lil bud is when.. I think there's 4 stages in flowering technically and am I in pre flowering?
  4. lol I wouldn't stress about it too much, but I guess pre-flowering.
  5. Man it's been raining like every other night here and it's been kinda humid, not too sunny throughout those days too, and I had a lot of dying leaves on the bottom ,the positioning of the plant is wired so it doesn't get too much sub, do u think it's from over watering and it not being sunny enough ?
    Also dealing with thrips, gonna go get some neem oil today.. mites too. The rain, humidity and heat just sucks.. so that's also why some leaves look damaged I assume.. but the leaves that look dingy, is it because the top leaves were covering them? I took off sick leaves before the pics I attached

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  6. If you're struggling with bugs, I'd definitely look for the highest concentration of neem oil that you can find. You'll want to dilute it (I dilute it to like 1ml of oil per 1L of spray, and I add a drop of non-antibacterial dish soap). You can also look into Integrated Pest Management (IPM). That will lead you to beneficial bugs and some other ways to combat pests.

    In regards to the discoloration, it looks like they have slightly burnt tips from minor nutrient toxicity. Have you been feeding them quite a lot?

    Sun doesn't look like too much of a problem, but you could always swap that fabric (is that a weed barrier?) for a translucent or transparent drop cloth. The drop cloth will keep everything dry so you control watering, and it will maybe allow more sun to hit your plants. I'd consider poking the drop cloth up in the middle so the rain runs off and doesn't collect. Rain shouldn't be too much of a problem for your plants, at least until buds start to develop more quickly (like actual cola-building, not just a collection of pistils). You have a while till you hit that so no need to rush
  7. Ok so I've been stressing over nothing? I've really just been stressing with the soil and roots being wet from the rain and thrn that throwing off my feeding cycle.. the nute burn on the tips is old burns, I got the feeding down pact now..

    I actually went and bought neem oil today, gonna apply tomorrow early morning since it's their watering day.. can I add with my solution mix of nutes too? Or should I just do a 1/4 tsp neem oil in a spray bottle and some dishwashing soap? That's what hydro dude said to do, but didn't say how much soap
  8. Where do u get the drop cloth? And no this is a sun shade for green house or garden cover, it's 50% if block which is the lowest which is good so that enough of the spectrum can come thru.. the sun out here in summer is vicious.. but I'm almost thinking it's time to take it down now, the hottest of the hottest days are over, it's usually late June into mid July where it hits 120 and the if index is through the roof, thats initially why i out it up but since summers end is near I tho k I'm safe to take it down now, what do you think my man
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  9. Your plant needs more light. The wall you have it planted against must be blocking at least half the day's sun. That's why your plant is kind of tall and lanky looking. Drainage is key to keeping one healthy, so don't constantly soak the soil it's in. Let it have time to dry out before you water again. You might consider starting some light feeds to see if you can pep it up a bit and you should have topped it a couple of times while it was growing to this size so you would have more bud sites. You'll end up with one main cola and some side buds. But how well it grows and how much it produces is totally dependent on the hours of good sunlight it gets every day...the more, the better. Always plant them in the place where they get the most hours of direct sunlight possible during the day. Instead of a small bush, you get TREES! As with any plant, LIGHT is the most important thing. Best of luck. TWW
  10. Yeah, if you're good on the feeding, I wouldn't stress at all. Rain shouldn't throw off feeding at all, especially if you have soil that drains well.
    You can get drop cloth at Lowes or Home Depot in the paint department. Just look for a 10' x 10' clear, plastic sheet. 120° is crazy!! I get why you had the shade! If it's cooled down into the double-digits, you're probably fine as long as you water frequently enough.
  11. The soul has turned into shit as far as draining goes. But those high triple digit days are over.. bow were looking at like 100 105 for the high and 80 at night... gotta love the desert right lol...

    I left my 2nd biggest plant out in the direct sun and the other 2 under the shade so I'm gonna see how it responded
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  12. My very first plant bro lol it's my experiment plant.. I didn't even think it was gonna get like that, I just popped the seed and since it grew I took it serious... now I've fucked up countless times, have done hours of research, advice from yall.. I'm ready for a real grow now, now that I have the basics down.. Yea I'm gonna go east on the watering for this plant because it's in ground and the ground isn't drying too well, I'm thinking I need to take that shade down now, that's probably whybthe soil staying moist longer not as hot as it was a month ago and monsoon.. thanks for advice.. I was so scared to top it, I topped my other plant tho..

    I went and looked this morning and I swear I see a little bud forming on one if those bottom side chutes.. it also looks lengthy because I've taken foliage off due to bugs and age or else this shit would be looking like a mini Xmas tree lol
  13. Why on those 2 pistils, the tips are turning orange a little bit? I thought they aren't supposed to change colors until it's more progressed into flowering and actual buds are present?

    Also, do you think it's flowering quickly because of genetics or because it's outgrown the pot? Should I leave it in the size pot it's in for the duration or should I do 1 last transplant today or tomorrow? I don't wanna mess it up if it's doing just fine and showing growth quickly and then it hermie or something.. any advice would help! Lol

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  14. You shouldn't put any pesticides like neem on your plants when it is flowering, or close to flowering have you tried acv for mites?
  15. Hey, AZGREENery, I wouldn't stress about the pistils beginning to change already, and I definitely wouldn't mess with the plant at all.

    It looks good -exactly like it's supposed to!
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  16. It slowly starts with the tips and progressively the hairs start turning orange... more white hairs will continue to grow throughout the grow though it's perfectly normal... mine start to get signs of orange at around week 3 of flip... idk I could probably find em sooner if I actually looked closely like you do lol... I didn't even notice the orange at first I was scrolling through the pics like where the hell are these orange hairs.... had to reread and saw you wrote the tips of them are changing lol

    Grow journal
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  17. Lol hell yea bro, i fuckin sit there everu morning examining the shit out of thrm, no magnifying glass tho.. so its normal becauee these hsirs have probably been there for a week and are now long and thode 2 are turning orange, i just thought it wasnt supposed to do that until actual buds started forming n shit
  18. Then why do they say it's ok up until about a week or 2 before harvest? I spray them that way I can just rinse off whatever, but I'm not just gonna sit and watch bugs tear my shit up now after all this time lol
  19. I know Neem oil is supposed to be an organic alternative to pesticides, but a lot of times they have inert ingredients in there that are pretty bad to apply. My fiancées mother tried to apply some to here blueberry bushes when mites appeared on there. I read the bottle and you weren't supposed to apply the neem during the flowering state. I solved the spider mite problem with a simple spraydown of water. It's a whole lot better to know what kind of pest your fighting against so you can combat it, sometimes the solution is simple, and you won't have to take a chance on the neem. Personally, if it was going in my body I'd want it to be pure and in unaffected by any additives.
  20. I noticed you have been drip watering as well. Try a simple spray down if you don't have a huge infestation on your hands. Also- ladybugs. They are pretty awesome there are plenty of safe alternatives to neem, but worst case scenario and you have a serious infestation, spot treat with neem, by all means. Make sure you read all instructions and research what you're fighting against. Your local garden shop can also help identify pests if you bring them a sample.

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