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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HighAsPhuck, May 24, 2013.

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    Where would you go if you could travel back in time?
    Some guidelines:
    You can stay as long as you like. 
    You'll have everything you need to survive (weed, bong, lighter, etc.)
    You can't die.
    I would participate in the Boston Tea Party.  While throwing out the tea, I would say, "Oh my phuck I'm so high and I'm changing history.)  After business, I would invite everyone to hot box the ship.
    I would try to hang out with Ben Franklin, and give to him a hundred-dollar bill.  I would tell him that it's from the future and that he's regarded today as a BOSS.  I would smoke the biggest hash blunt you have ever seen with him.  While smoking, I would probably be so high and tripping because I was sitting with Ben Franklin.
    Dinosaurs.  That should go without saying.
    I would like to check out the Ottoman Empire.  Get high with monks or some shit.
    It would be neat to hang out on Earth when the continents were connected.  I think they were connected at some point in time.

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    id like to go back roughly 1 generation before this one.
    i feel like everyone is always looking at screens these days, id love to socialize without everyone in the room staring at their cell phone.
    as for historical times, well that would depend on what my social status would be.  wouldnt want to be native american during the louisiana purchase, you know?
  3. 1860  I want to be in Dodge City and have a beer with Doc and Festus.
  4. You're telling me I could go back in time AND have a bong/food?
    Take me to ancient Rome then, I heard they had a bunch of orgies back then. 
  5. Either early 90's or the late 60's. 
  6. Depends if I could take people with me, like a massive relocation to another time. If so, it'd be around the Neolithic era. We'd all just grow weed and become the most advanced civilization, changing the course of history in our favor.

    But on my own, ancient Rome. Kick back in the coliseum watching gladiators, high as fuck.
  7. i'd like to go back in time but there's a huge issue
    it's a cultural norm for women to shave their armpits and legs in present day America, i can't deal with hairy ancient bitches if i went back in the past

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