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Where you hide your stash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighGuy420, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Ive heard tons of different places where you can hide it but i think i have one of the best places.


    its not my room but thats the comp i have, so u just simply remove the panel and put my stuff in the extra drive space.
  2. It's so well hidden that we can't even see it!
  3. Get a half used deoderant...take the deoderant out, and the plastic thing. Insert weed. Put everything back.

    Works perfect, I have all my weed + lighter in one, and bowl in another lol.
  4. I keep my stuff locked up. If my parents ask, it's my stuff.
  5. just put in the drawer , nobody is going through my stuff
  6. Also I keep shit in my bookbag. Nobody EVER touches it lol.

  7. lol, thats the same exact place i hide it!!!

    U can kinda smell it when ur using the computer for a while. but not much:rolleyes:
  8. I'm a magician so I can just hide all my stuff in card boxes in my "magic chest" in my room. Everything fits and my room doesn't stink up cuz of all the layers. And then that's all sprayed with axe (axe smells like weed anyway)
  9. Haha, when I first started tokin' (will be one year this august!) I hide mine in my wall, behind a light switch, and under my floor (crawl space) But now as time has passed, I have come to realize that aint no one going through my shit, So I just keep it in a box under the coffee table in my bed room.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  10. Mine would be above a dropped ciling lots of room there
  11. my mom knows i smoke so i dont have to hide it but i kinda do anyways just incase she changes her mind on it some day lol but i dont hide it good i put my bud in a manson jar and just cover it with shirts on a shelf lol and all my other stuff either goes there or in a sims 2 case =D
  12. my bowl and my stash both go in the pocket of a coat that I have hanging in my closet and my bong (homemade) goes in an athletic bag under a bunch of old clothes.
  13. I keep all my weed in flashlights haha I can fit like a quarter or a little more in one, in my car the flashlight goes in my roadside emergancy kit in my trunk haha.
  14. i use a shoe box
  15. pipe in my computer, stash in my amplifier and a secondary in a decorative shotgun barrel with a string tied around it:metal:
  16. Damn never thought of that. I'd imagine some type of carpal tunnel though by turning half the bar and the plastic all the way out and twisting it back down to a normal usage level. I like that type of ingenious thinking I used to think like that but really I had more elaborate and Rube-Goldbreg style things. Like inside the wall. Take drop in ceiling tiles get a 13 foot piece of string tie a metal washer to one end tie your valuables to the other, throw it down the inside of the wall. Another 13 foot string with a magnet, then lower the magnet in the wall, pull up the washer, grab it and retreive your valuables. But I'll have to try the deodorant. Maybe just some cotton balls to eliminate rattling when I am stashing pills ha ha.
  17. i hide my shit in a paintball box...just slip the oz of mids i got underneath 2 bags of paintballs and it hides the smell pretty good
  18. I keep my bowl/stash in the trunk. There's no reason for anyone to search your trunk so long as you don't drive like an idiot & don't cross the border to go anywhere.
  19. That is so great. +rep for both home and travel usage.
  20. I hide mine in my shoe in my closet. It works pretty well, if I say so myself.

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