Where You Going This Summer?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedboss, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. I'm goin to Miami. Woohoo!!!
  2. i'm going no where. :(

    i need to pully my finger outta my ass (ew) and get working on working. lol

  3. Oh thats a shame Digit, why don't you get a job then and start saving up dude, its the only way to go, with someone with a brain like yours employment shouldn't really be too much of a problem.
  4. I'm not going away this year :( for various reasons :(

    But i will endeavour to get in some climbing in on the tors locally.

  5. i have authority issues. i gotta be my own boss or else i suffer extreme psychological torment and depression. even when i was really trying to get education though i was denied. maybe if i aimed a little lower and went for shop work or some other menial borring petty crap like that again, i'd get a job... but then i'd probably end up being suicidal within a month. maybe i never got the jobs i wanted because of my political views, maybe it was because i simply didnt do good enough at school, or maybe i just got outclassed by the competition.
  6. I'm not going anywhere. Some friends and I were going to go to Canada for a week, but all three of them pussied out on me. I wish I had somewhere to go for a road trip or something.

    And Digit, get yourself some kind of bullshit job with easy going management. When I worked at DQ (which are independently owned and operated) the owners were cooler than shit and I never had a problem with them. I got all the free food I wanted and had the easiest scheduling of anywhere I've worked. I even did the schedule myself a couple times. Where I work now there is a lot more hierarchal BS that's killing me. I don't really even have much influence on exactly what hours I work and it's not as easy to ask off, but I'm making more cash. Just find some place where you can put up with the people in charge or even make friends with them and it gets much easier.
  7. canada is so much fun in the summer, gooooood god do i love it~!~+@#!
  8. Yeah man, Quebec City is the shit! Awesome head shops too.
  9. Scuba diving in Cozumel.
  10. I'm going to koh Samui in Thailand...it is going to be fucking amazing!
  11. Going to Ocean City this friday. Me and my friend are buying 3/4 an O and just gonna have a good time down there.
  12. Me and some buddys are ganna go camping, There are thies 500 cliffs, that you cn walk up to that over look thies vallys, basicly we are ganna go there and just get snoned and take it all in.
  13. for a week im heading back to where i used to live, Old Saybrook, CT. everyone once in a while we'll go up north in our camper to vermont and take a 3 day weekend. we may go to Lake Placid, NY or Canada...not sure.
  14. well, i am working a lot, but then i am going camping in Ontario next month for a couple of weeks, so that is going to be amazing. As Bealzz said, Canada ROCKS in the summer! :D

  15. K but you can just work from your computer, you don't have to put yourself into a situation that can be avoided.
  16. i just moved so i guess thats my vacation. 3 months of vacation is a long time. i love my job.
  17. East Dennis, Cape Cod last week in July.
  18. off and on to Cincinnati ohigho....To get all the partying out of my system. All my friends nonstop toke/drink up there so it should be a fun time
  19. What a coincidence, my girlfriend is going to Cincinatti later this week.
  20. maybe i shouldnt have said anything

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