Where you at massachusetts ??

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  1. Any1??? Im new weres every1 from let me kno-
  2. I used to live in Northbridge, which is close to worcestor, but im an NC guy now.
  3. Wut part of NC got family in Chocowinity u heard of it?
  4. nah, live on the border to SC =p
  5. Gloucester, but I go to school in Amherst.

    *is a little nervous giving out this info*
  6. My bro goes to amhurst, know any Tom K's?
  7. Lived in MA my entire life.

    Stoneham, Westwood, Newton, Needham, and now Boston.
  8. Im from the city of chamipions birthplace of rocky marciano been lookin to meet some cool stoners like myself. Im 19 been smokin since like 12 lol good stuff right? How old r u potheads in this forum?
  9. i am 18 live in MA. i don't know if i should share what town. i live in middlesex county.

  10. I only know two Toms that are freshman, one that lives in Webster and another one that disappeared to Costa Rica after having his room raided for selling weed .... :/

    But my brother's name is Tom K. He's only 17 though.

    UMass Amherst rocks. People are so open-minded and politically involved.

    Plus, it's one of the biggest party schools in the nation. :)

  11. Hasn't your mother ever told you not to meet people you've talked to on the internet? HMMM?

    The sad thing about this forum is that people here are so cool but we'll never get to meet each other in person because of the fear that someone is a narc.

    BTW I'm 19 also.
  12. I:)

    Lol im not doin anything illegal but smoking weed narcs can see were im at i wish i could meet up wit some cool people every1 around me thinks there gangstas

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