Where would you want to live?

Discussion in 'General' started by Galyx, Jan 2, 2004.


Where would you want to live?

  1. City/Urban

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  2. Suburbia

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  3. As country as it can get

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  4. Other

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  1. If you could choose any one environment to live in, what would it be? And, of course, add in specifics.

    City. 100% city. I can't stand suburbia, or any rural areas. It's just too quiet.
  2. definetly in a city....with a nice coffeeshop with a good and strong version of northerlights
  3. i dont think i want to leave south central LA ever, but my second choice would be chronic mantion....
  4. I voted As country as it can get---because that's pretty much the way it is. I don't care much for large crowds any more.

    If I had my rathers----I would choose another Gallaxy---to explore.........toke on!
  5. nice quiet peaceful suburbs with green trees and green grass ..i like it quiet but not like middle of the corn field quite.
  6. I chose Country because hell I live in nowhere really. It's not as bad as it can get, but its still pretty country. I wish it was like a real small town where nobody bothered nobody and anytime was smoking time.
  7. a big city but next to the country......with of course some coffeshops
  8. either Amsterdam or Whistler in Canada.........if i won the lottery, i'd buy a house in both............Peace out.........Sid
  9. I'd want to live in a city, cause I go to town regularly and I gotta buy a train ticket for every time i go, and its bleedin me dry right now.
  10. Probably jamaica, or somewhere else where they don't care about bud
  11. IN GRASSCITY!!! with all you guys :smoking:
  12. I would love to live in a air fortress.
  13. Well if we're talking fantasy, then I'd say "A floating city in the sky"... it'd be awsome, especially if we could fly too.

    But if it's reality, then I'd say, in someplace topical, where there's rarely any stormy weather, or at least the least stormiest most tropical place. and I'd want a boat, a big one, and a hut on the beach, along with a couple jet skis, and my own tiki bar, and free alcohol.
  14. An old missile silo. That would be so cool. Or a tropical

    Actually, I like where I'm living now. Suburbia, gotta love it.
  15. In the deserts of Nv. More specific the area around Red Rock that is beutiful out there. Just the wife ,kids and me and of course my dogs.
  17. ...in a converted dutch barge on a canal in amsterdam...or a wooden hut on stilts with a hammock swinging - on an island in the gulf of thailand...
  18. the canals in amsterdam are really dirty, though

    if you want a bike, just dive it up :D

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