Where would you like to live?

Discussion in 'General' started by autumnatic, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I'm from Wisconsin and it's alright, i mean there's not a lot of crime it's not too pricey but i want to move somewhere more entertaining. Somewhere near the coast of California would be awesome there's beaches, boardwalks, etc. I want to move to a big city though (who doesn't) like LA, San Fran, or NYC. But i also want to move out of the country but idk where yet.
  2. costa rica:cool:

  3. I've thought of that it seems nice there, and canada seems like a pretty stable country
  4. I want to live somewhere where i can play golf year round and have access to the dankity dank if i dont end up growing myself
  5. Just outside Pokhara in Nepal.

    Or on Koh Rong island off the coast of Cambodia.
  6. somewhere far far far away from humanity and all it's ignorance.

  7. I know damn well I wouldn't live in big California cities or Cali at all, and especially NYC, Vegas is kinda cool as long as you're 21 but north Vegas and the outskirts of the strip can sometimes be dangerous. But I would trade places with you if it were possible.
  8. Some where beautiful and peaceful.
  9. I dream of one day moving to New York City. It's got everything I need, good food, museums, entertainment, and best of all ( surprise surprise!) the New York Yankees!
  10. realistically, i would say colorado.

    outside the us, i would say somewhere in europe.
    if only for a few years, just to soak up the culture & live it up.

  11. I'm with you on that but also because of human greed, hatred, and stupidity. I want to live on mars.
  12. Ive lived in Detroit all of my life.

    Id like to move somewhere where my neighbors are a good 1/2 mile away or so, Where its peaceful and quiet. Fresh air. Maybe by a very small lake or something.

    But i still want to be driving distance from Detroit, Because Detroit is me, Detroit is my heart. I can never be too far from Detroit.
  13. I would like to get a part time job in either puerto Rico or Thailand by a beautiful beach. Time not working my low paying job will be surfing and soaking in the whole beach atmosphere.

    I really wouldn't place much value on money if I lived in paradise.
  14. I plan on moving to Denver when I'm 25. And then maybe either Spain or Italy ten or so years later. Culture is just so much more classy in those places.
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    my ideal location would be somewhere with no necessities. i would live in a straw hut on a white sandy beach with panoramic views of blue watered paradise.
    <-- snaps back to reality and puffs joint :smoking:

  16. Texas is good with me. Well paying jobs and everybody smokes and is friendly
  17. I want to move back to Japan but i cant cause i don't want my son to go to school over there..
  18. Anywhere on the mainland.
    Better than being on this little island -_____________-
  19. [quote name='"autumnatic"']

    I've thought of that it seems nice there, and canada seems like a pretty stable country[/quote]

    Yeah!not only that but anywhere in the Pacific Northwest is good for me.

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