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Where will Mmj be in ten years?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cashewmilk, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. I believe that in the next coming years, mmj will be cultivated at such a high rate that it will be too affordable and non profitable for the money hungry prostitutes in our justice system. They'll fabricate some medical research and tell us it's bad again and ban it again. Just my speculation though.

    Share your thoughts and opinions about the topic.

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  2. I see a clear trend toward legalization. Where I live, we were about to some reform but a church statement (which represents most people living in my state) literally closed the bill. If the U.S. is insistent on it's prohibition, then we will watch as an already more tolerant world as they remove theirs. Eventually I think we will fall to peer pressure and federally legalize.
  3. No, of course. It will get nationally legalized. My prediction was for the time after legalization when it becomes too cheap and safe.
    And moreover toward he religious issue, i don't even see their logic on the stance. I thought the bible says we have dominion over everything the world has produced or some bologna like that.

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  4. One answer.... Mormons.
  5. It's sad that religion based on 0 evidence has the power to dictate what people put in their bodies.
    Hopefully they aren't backing any statements up with their bible. That'd be ridiculously disrespectful.

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  6. Also, i like how they said more research needs to be done before this is brought to public policy. Marijuana has been cultivated and used for thousands of years with 0 deaths and little to no terrible side effects. It's like they're spitting in the face of everyone with intelligence.

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  7. Yup, you've seen it all throughout history. Hopefully soon they can't do this shit anymore because it'll be a completely minority stance in the United States.
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    In 10 years? How do you know we all won't be dead by then from WW3 lol?

    Anyway Cashewmilk, I saw a dystopian like future, it was like Ray Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451. Except it's not books they are looking for it's home growers. The DEA formed itself into a new group called the Marijuana Task Force where they do door to door searches on a daily basis, going around burning everyone's crops or homegrown stash then forcing you to buy their specific grown GMO pot.

    They don't jail you anymore, they just burn your crops and leave.

    Funny thing is they are doing this right now on the the anonymous tip from a neighbor.

    Also funny thing with the more research topic. The Gov't, FDA and DEA restricted research for so long making it so that research was not allowed. So they are like, we need more research while restricting it at the same time. lol?

    The thing is this here below in the link:

    Marijuana May Boost Brain Performance

    They are just bold face liers who flat out lied up layers of lies is all. They knew since 1976.

    Every time I hear the word Mormon, I see Moron. I just call' em like I see' em.
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  9. Amerikkka is just a corrupt bag of shit where a person smoking pot can still be prosecuted with jail time whereas wallstreet bankers ruin our economy and they get not so much as a slap on the tits. I don't know where things went wrong. I used to think this was the best country, but i've read a few books and have gained some life experience, so i'm informed how mediocre it has become. Intolerant, power/money hungry lobbyist bankers have taken over.
    And don't even get me started about the arrogance of the injustice system.

    It seems like america only cares about the people they can make money off of, but i digress.

    Didn't even know i had this much pent up aggression

    Edit: but yes, i agree with your views.

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  10. Yea, the best thing you can do is not let it get to you. Help others around you. Just being kind to one another and help those in need wherever possible.

    There is not much you can do other than ride this wave out.
  11. You have to ask yourself, where isnt this going on? Or worse things?
  12. When we have the resources to make a change and willingly don't because our attention spans are the size of a fruit fly's penis, you have to start asking yourself why people are so stupid.
    I speak for my country alone, which is the USA.
    I strongly urge you people reading this, thinking about that change, to vote bernie sanders as a candidate for president. May god help us all if trump or hillary are elected.

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  13. I like bernie, but unfortunately he is pretty much done.
  14. Hopefully in an e-joint that I can buy at the gas station.
  15. I think in 10 years there will not be any such thing as medical marijuana. It will just be marijuana again, it will be legal in most states if not federally, and people will be able to get it all over the place.
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  16. i hope it becomes so widely popular that big tobacco companies start cultivating it in large fields, and they start packaging "legal sized joints" in little cartons at gas stations

    that would be sick!
  17. This is probably the worst thing that could happen. They will make it addictive and bad for you.
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  18. Cigaratte companies need to stay away from marijuana. The quality of tobacco they use is subpar. Their marijuana will be the same way most likely. I prefer the chronic everytime.

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  19. Calling whats in most cigarettes tobacco is a stretch.
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