where/when was your first time toking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Squishey, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. The title is pretty much self explanitory :p

    my frist time was when i was 13, with my 15 year old sister, while camping. That shit was amazing, i smoked like, not even 1/2 a bowl and was freaking.
  2. 17 at my boys house. Smoke 2 gracia y vega greens. He feed me some bread and butter with water. Was the greatest meal I have ever had.
  3. 14 - Haight-Ashbury 1967. I grew up in the bay area and was brought to see the grateful dead by a friend in the park. It was the first time i was truly among the counter-culture and the experience was more than life changing. So ive been smoking grass for some odd fourty years.
  4. This past November, me and 3 or 4 other ppl hot boxd my friends smoking closet. After 2 bowls or so I was RIPPED. Been high ever since:D
  5. way back many years ago me and my buddys ditched school :D

    lol :smoking:
    peace :wave:
  6. Yeah, my second time i skipped school with this pothead at our school (he was new)
    We hotboxed a shed on the base (old military housing units that were getting demolished for new houses)
    This kid was stupid thouh :(
    he got expelled like, 2 weeks after coming to our school, something about selling meth.
  7. Erm.. i'm pretty sure i was 12, and i found my dad's stash so i gave it a go.
    Fell in love with it <3
  8. 16 - Music Midtown Atlanta
  9. When I was 15 me and my best friend went to his friends house in philly, we went into the woods and smoked a fat ass blunt. It was a good high. I remember lying down in the grass and it felt like I was on that gravity ride, like.. it spins really fast and it makes you feel really heavy and your pretty much stuck to the wall, anyone know what I'm talking about? Idk we went back to his house and played games like the rest of the day aha.
  10. I was 15 my friend picked me up and we went on this road where a neighborhood was being built, but there were no houses, we smoke 3 bowls there and i was blazed as fuck.
    Since then i stay high
  11. 15 at a dock on a local lake. An old black guy was fishing off the dock and I was waiting on my friends to pick me up to go wakeboarding. I was like "he's fucking just smoking a joint out here", he caught me looking at him and handed it to me.
  12. aha peer pressured by an old guy. that's awesome.
  13. and that was ur first time?
    wow that's pretty awesome, did any of your friends smoke at the time?
    and did u know the black guy?
  14. Yeah man, thats pretty cool.
    +rep cuz im jealous lol.
  15. I didn't know him at all lol. It was my first time and none of my friends had smoked yet either. We ended up getting a sack and smoking out together the next weekend. Wakeboarding while high is the best though.
  16. i was 14 i think. it was the end of the summer, my best friend was already toking up and i have chosen to not to. then he got like 3 joints for 10 and we went and toked up. but i didnt get high -.-
  17. it was june of '08 smoked 4 bowls of good headies, out of a bong, in te woods, haven't stopped since
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    Mine was about a year (I was 32 years old) in my garage with my best friend who convinced me that it is "ok". I took a couple of hits, coughed my ass off, and couldn't stop laughing. She got a few good pictures out of it. I didn't start daily smoking at that point, mostly because of my job, but now I have discovered that it takes care of so many medical issues that my doctor has been treating me over 12 years for. (Migraines, PMS, insomnia) Needless to say, I am in the process of "getting out of" my job, and getting my card. Looking back it is so hard to believe that one evening in my garage would have turned out like this! Good times!
  19. 18, first week of college. The guy down the hall smoked me and my roomie out behind the dorms. I went in and passed out like no ones business for 12 hours.

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