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Where What & Why Thread

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sourpatchkids, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Sup blades, I just got back from a recent vacation to florida; and wish that i was given some good places to toke, or even i decided to come up with this thread. Anyone and everyone can post and make suggestions just stay within the topic.

    The Where: Island of Adventures & Universal Studios, Orlando Florida
    The What: I suggest some edibles, maybe brownies; along with some pshycadelic (SHROOMS!)
    Why: For those that don't know, i suggested 2 theme parks, the entrences are within 100ft of another and you can get a pass to go to both so you dont get bored with just one. I personally perfer Island of Adventure because of how its themed. One section is about Super Heros, Marvel to be specific. Another is, if your trippin, the Dr. Suess side of the park; its trippy enough to walk through there when your sober and it honestly looks like you have jumped into one of his pages. These are just two of the many themes they have throughout the park, not to mention Universal Studios is right next door. If you can bring edibles, obviously so you dont spend most of your day walking in and out the park to stay high, they dont really care if you bring food in there so just bring some with you to last throughout the day.

    I encourage everyone to post somewhere to go that you had a blast at, and name some attractions that are fun to be at when blazed...or trippin
  2. i went to busch gardens blazed....went on shiekra...a 300 foot straight down drop...thought i died. i was scared.
  3. Where: Imax movie
    What: smoke some dank or bring edibles in there
    Why: because imax movies are simply amazing, blazed or not.

    going to imax movies is by far my favorite thing to do stoned. Shit is unbelievable.
  4. Where: A Planetarium
    What: Smoke some dank or eat some shrooms before going in.
    Why: Because I know from experience ( on shrooms ) that planetarium's are amazing. You feel like you are literally in space. It is so fucking intense.
  5. Where: Mushroms + Disnyworld [Magic Kingdom] or MOSI [Tampa] they have awesome science and weird shit and they have a dome IMAX theatre room. Saw Kung Fu Panda stoned as fuck in there and it was awesome! :smoke:
    Where: Edibles/Joints + Busch Gardens [Tampa]- Fucking awesome roller coaster park.
    Where: Edible/Joints at Islands of Adventure in Orlando like he said.

    Okay I'm too high and am lazy to finish this in the same format. But Siesta Key, Indian Rocks, Jacksonville beach and St. Pete's beach are my official favorite beaches to go and toke out on. St.Pete is more of my quiet little part of the beach no one is usually ever on and it's so awesome to smoke joints there with that breeze going so when there are drum circles and stuff there no one can actually smell the weed.
  6. busch gardens is so sick to be at blazed, i'm not familiar with the ride you said but i rode a roller coaster called "the griffen" and you sit at the top of 150ft or so just staring down then it drops you soooooo fast. Theme parks are definetly the shit when your blazed or trippin
  7. The Griffon is straight 90' Drop.. >_>
    Never wanna do that, sober, high, or dosed.

    My favorite place remains the river, there's an outpost with benches and you can see the whole city in the back lighting up.. Awesomeness.
  8. Where:Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
    What:Blazed as it gets
    Why:For those who aren't aware, every day Krispy Kreme turns on their Hot sign 3-5 times. You can get a dozen of hot glazed doughnuts for $6 dollars. They are some of the best i've had, they melt in your mouth, and you can eat a dozen of them like nothing.

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