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Where were you when the world stopped turnin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. well..i always kinda thought, that 9-11 would be something that you will always remember where you were at, and what you were doing for the rest of your life...and seein as how tomorrow makes a year....where were you and what were you doin?, lol

    i was in first period, drivers ed, and our school has a tv in every room, and they broadcast the announcments as tho they were a new program...well..everybody gets into class and gets settled in a stuff, and were fixing to turn on the tv for announcements, and then they make one over the intercom that we should turn on our tv and that a plane has crashed into the we start watching..and i cant remember all that much, but i think we just missed the second plane crashing, so we watch, and a buddy and i were cracking jokes and stuff, at the time we had no idea how serious it was, and i feel horrible for it now...but anyway, we watched that the rest of the period, and i went into ssecond period, and that teacher wouldnt let us watch it, and when we finally conned her into it, they towers had already was the strangest thing to go from one period to the other seeing them,and then not....and by this time the whole terrorism thing was bein talked about and everybody was freaking out because we have several oil refineries, and lockheed martin down the road in people were thinking we were next..which is ludacris in my mind, because they dont want to attack piddlin ol south arkansas, they want something that people see, and look to every day...but anyway, yeah, i was in drivers ed, clowning about it all.....

    how bout you?
  2. well i had just sent my daughter to school and i was doing laundry. when i got upstairs the news was saying how a plane had crashed into the WTC. omg. i couldn't believe it. how twisted these people are. i was so scared( mind u i live in canada) but you didn't know where they were headed next. i think of all children killed or parents killed. it's just devistating. another hitler? looks like it to me.
  3. I was working the general studies deans office at school. we were on of the first to hear of what happened. but it didnt hit me until I walked out of the office about 20 some minutes was so was like I could feel it that something had gone terribly wrong. It took a while for it to actually hit me. very strange range of emotions...
  4. yea, wow, i remember that day like it wuz yesterday. It wuz such a bad day. I wuz confused and a bunch of emotions were goin thru my head. I wuz in class watching it on TV, and then I saw the footage of the second plane hitting the second building. WHen I went to my next class i actually saw some people crying, maybe their relatives were in those buildings. And then i went to my next class, and all of a sudden, the principal goes on the intercom thingy and says, I will read a list of names to go down to the office to be dismissed. Then like I swear, 3,000 names were being called out to be dismissed cuz of worried parents. We have a big skool, over 5,000 people attend the skool and some say its the largest high skool in Southeastern America (Miami). But w/e, they were calling names down one by one, i swear, they were calling out names from period 3 to at least the end of period 5 after lunch and everything. Even in lunch, i saw a whole crowd of parents waiting in the front of the skool to pick up their kids. Shit wuz crazy!!


  5. Well, first of all, my birthday is Sept. 7th, so I was in my room doing a wake 'n bake when I turned on the news, they were saying that one of the towers was on fire. Shit. So I'm watching it for a while, and they finally start saying that it was a plane, and it was probably an attack. Then, while I was hitting my bong, I watched the second plane hit, I just sat there for a minute straight just watching this crazy ass thing all stoned. Suffice it to say I didn't smoke weed for a week afterwards. I'm okay now, and this time marijuana will help me through the day, instead of intensifying it.
  6. This all happened while I was taking my only break I ever had from smoking which was like 7 whole months or maybe a little longer. Anyways I woke up at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon after everything had happened...My mom called me and told me what happened. At first it didnt really hit me it just seemed like a fucked up thing to do but after a while, yea it made a big impact on me...The thing that really got to me was seeing those people celebrating on the streets in China and in Afghanistan and other places...Im living in Los Angeles (beverly hills) and im gonna be at school tomorrow...I'll be sure to smoke some nice nice dank in remembrance of 9/11.
  7. i was almost out the door, when the phone rang. it was my bf, and he's telling me to turn on the news. i thought it was a movie and i was like "you're making me late for this?" then i look back at the screen and holy fuck, it's the news. it literally floored me.

    so i'm off and running to work, and nobody else has heard the news yet. we turned on the tv just in time to see the second hit. needless to say, we didn't get much work done that day.

    my heart goes out to all of you.
  8. I was at the bus stop and I heard somebody say a plane crashed iinto the pentagon and I thought that was shitty but they didn't say it was on purpose and then I got toschool and all we did for like three days was watch the news, it was insane.
  9. I was going to my 2nd period class when I heard about it in the halls, got to 2nd period and got on the net, stayed at school for about 30 more minutes, signed out, drove home, and watched it on t.v. for most of the day and night, and on my car radio while I was out running errands. It is still kinda hard to believe that it has been a whole year, and even harder to believe that it still happened.
  10. A new hitler? Surely you jest. Osama Bin Laden did not attempt the genocide of a race of people. He retaliated against great injustices done against his land and people. I don't agree with what he did at all, it was a very sad state of affairs. I just don't think he should be made out to be a new Hitler when the attacked wasn't 100% unprovoked. Speaking of genocide and Hitler, Did you know that over 20 Al-Qaeda soldiers were given a gas chamber by the northern alliance just recently? Gas chambers? Remind you of anything? The war on terrorism is about the same as the war on drugs. There will always be terrorists and there will always be drugs, you can't win.
  11. Let's see, I was still strung out on pills so I was doing an oxy run before I had to go to work. I work at a government VA so when I made it to work, the security was overwhelming. They did everything but strip search us and we all got fingerprinted that day before we could go to the floor to work.
  12. retaliated my ass.
  13. what do you mean? Why would he just attack us for no reason? Because he wanted to rule the world? Sorry, I'm not making assumptions, just speculating. I just smoked a bowl of Jamaican spinach so don't mind me...
  14. well i know ill never forget this day.........i really havent thought about it until i saw this thread but i remember everythign so clearly.......i wasnt scared jus confused

    .....i was in my ecology course when some kid walked in late sayin that the wtc was bombed.....thinkin it was like the first time it was bombed i jus kinda dismissed it.....then another kid came in later sayin that the pentagon and a bunch of other places were being bombed........i knew it was serious then......eventually we saw mad students jus walkin outta their classes to their cars and driving off.......then it became like a panic wit a few people running to get over the bridge on my campus leading to the parking decks.......i remember going to the mall cause i wanted to pick up an album and thought of the tragedy a lil less severely.........i go into the mall and all the shops are closing.......everyone is scared and packing up and gettin the fuck outta there.......i get in my car and thas when i heard that the tower one fell........then i twas tower two......i remember driving back around campus and sirens and people and no one knew wtf was going on cause were fairly close to jersey.......everyone was scared and panicky.........i went to gf's crib and spent the next three days there comforting her and what not .........what a day
  15. I had a free period, and I was in the UK where it was about 2pm I think..... I saw the whole thing, from just after the first plane, and I watched till after the second tower fell.
    It was purely by chance that I managed to catch it.... honest.....
  16. im sorry, but HIS people are not the islams, his people are the religious fanatics, that take things out of context and have absolutely NO grasp of spirituality whatsoever, HIS people are maniacal. 9-11 had absolutely no justification whatsoever...he had one reason and one reason only behind it......attention.....that is all...he wasnt serving to protect his people, or for vengeance for anything relevant....this sick sadistic fucker only wanted attention. thats my opinion...and i just want this thread to be about remembering from here on out...if that aint to big a deal....yeah, and toke some sticky ass bowls for the firefighters who died....(my dads a firefighter, and im going to be a firefighter)
  17. if you want to debate it, then i shall start another thread in the general forum, it will be called "justified" or osmething of that sort...

    but from here on, just where were you and remembering and that sort of thing.
  18. no worries man, i made another thread....i can understand how opinionated some people exactly the same way
  19. I had just smoked a bowl and was folding towels in the living room while watching the Today show. I never really watched it but for some reason I was interested in what Katie Couric was saying that day. All of a sudden, she started talking about a horrible accident; a plane hit the first tower. They had live video coverage of the crash and I was watching when the second plane hit. At that moment in time, I think our entire country knew that there never was an accident, only an attack. Then with the Pentagon and the PA crash, we knew for certain.

    That day seemed to last forever. I was in tears all day and all night as the coverage continued.

    September 11, 2001 was a day that changed me . I'd be lying if I said it didn't.

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