Where we at with this? Need a little advise....

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  1. Morning Gents,

    This is my first grow, indoor, RDWC, Tangerine Dream autoflowering. I am having trouble determining the state of my pistils, even though I have a 60X loup. Do these look clear to you? They do to me, no sign of amber yet. Need to monitor closely as I plan on a 3 day flush, so must start almost exactly at the right time. Thanks for any advise.

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  2. its not the pistils to go by its the Trichomes on the buds heres a chart to help you ,,mac.. when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram (1).jpg
  3. Sorry, I miss-spoke. How do the trichromes look in the pictures?
  4. Even though your pics are somewhat blurry, I can see that the trichs are similar to the chart above where it says "Trichomes Half Clear/Cloudy".
  5. Thanks, it is tough to get a clear photo.... Should probably start flushing, amber will probably appear in a day of two.
  6. My Tangerine Dream auto NEVER showed amber.
    Go figure.
  7. Some dont amber up especially white widows they tend not to amber up for some reason.

    I'll try and post my pics that are bit bit better than that chart that's quite outdated from the pics you can get these days.

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  8. Had to get them off my insta but as you can hopefully see 1st pic is cloudy 2nd is amber and 3rd had clear ones :) hope this helps a bit more ? Screenshot_20190621_161557_com.instagram.android.jpg Screenshot_20190621_161652_com.instagram.android.jpg Screenshot_20190621_161818_com.instagram.android.jpg

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  9. And two weeks after this photo STILL no amber...
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  10. They all look milky to me, what are you going to do?
  11. That is a photo from a past grow.
    I waited for the trichomes to turn amber... then harvested when I KNEW it was PASSED harvest time.
    I harvested two weeks, too late, I'd venture, because I didn't 'listen to my plants'.

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