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where was your bic made???

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Dec 25, 2003.


where is your bic from?

  1. France

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  2. *


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  3. Other (tell me!!!)

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  1. I was looking at my bics about a month ago, and I noticed that 2 were from the USA and one was from France. THen whenever i saw a bic i looked at where it was from, all from either USA or France. werid I thought, I'd better make a poll at the city to see were most are from!

    so here it is.

    edit - to find out look at the side of the metal on your bic, it shoudl be imprinted in there!
  2. All of my Bics have been made in the USA. What I find interesting is that "American Match" lighters are made in China. :)
  3. Mine was made in milford connecticut....
  4. so either you made it yourself and thats were you live

    or its not a bic?
  5. My lighter was made in france.


    *throws away lighter*
  6. I just realized one of my make shift pens is made from a bic pen, and i smoke with a bic lighter(France). I wonder if bic knows how helpful they are to tokers.
  7. I just bought a 2 pack of the little 'baby bics' And was suprised to find out that not only one of them, but BOTH of them were made in France. What a coincidence!
  8. all bics are either made in france or usa...... more of the orange ones in particular i've noticed were made in france.....

    hell, i never mind an import.... :D

    edit: 3400.... on xmas too.... go me !

  9. Mine too!
  10. do you guys not use clippers? do they have them where you live they are the best lighters for stoners the flint can be taken out and used as a pokie and when you put them flame down the flame gets bigger which is great for bongs. i dont offten use a bic but i found one in my drawer and it was made in france :(
  11. USA for me i (have 2 large white ones)

    i mostly use my butane lighter tho except when i toke off a pipe but i mostly smoke Js.


    anyways: i have an assload of of white bic lighters that don't work anymore. i just throw them in a drawer after they crap out. and they all say 'made in U.S.A'. wouldn't lighters be cheaper to manufacture in china then france? hey, at least someone got paid at least minimum wage in the states to make my lighter instead of some kid recieving half the money for twice the work in some sweatshop. (are there sweatshops in france?) i wanna go to the bic lighter factory! i wonder what the big machines would look like.

    sorry if that made too much sense for you to understand. i didn't get any sleep last night cause i've got this horrible heartburn. now i gotta walk to the store and buy some red bull. oo, maybe i'll ride the moped and look like a fool, but have lots of fun.

    i'll shut up now. sorry.

  13. Man dude! If it happens alot, get that heartburn checked out! My brother had to have his esophagus removed about 6 months ago, because of cancer. The docs said it was due to Acid Reflux ( Frequent heartburn ) He's doing a whole lot better now, but it was pure hell there for a while. But I was just sayin, if you get that shit alot, GET SOMETHING DONE!
  14. uh oh. i get heartburn all the time. but that night was the worst it's ever been. the first time so far that weed hasn't helped to ease the pain. i'll ask the doc about it next time i go see him. thanks man.
  15. I checked all of mine that I found lying around, they're all made in the USA.

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