Where Was the Flag?

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  1. Ok, I'm so f'in surprised there's not a thread on this but what the hell was up with NO holding/pass interference flag when the niners could have had the winning td? It was quite obvious to me and the ref (in the replay) was staring right at it!? I'm not saying that a 100% niners would have won nor am I saying I was rooting for them but c'mon where was the flag!? Opinions, comments, questions, concerns?
  2. idk people say that the receiver pushed off but what the hell are you supposed to do when you see the ball in the air and some retard is hugging you like your best friends? Def. should have been a flag... also holding like crazy on the safety
  3. That's what I'm saying but lets be honest San Fran gained enough luck at least not to embarrass them selves :/

  4. it was 2 players going dirty for the ball there was a pushoff and a hold, you dont call that
  5. It was like the Miami-OSU BCS title game...except they had no call
  6. Actually you do call that but usually the refs call it than say that the two Pentalies cancel out each other but not even that happened the ref did nothing
  7. No one saw Jim (niners coach) go ballistic over the "no call"?

  8. The receiver is trying to get his body around because hes being held.
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    Because they let them play it out? Its one of the final plays of the superbowl unless it was painfully obvious then maybe they would have called it. But either way both teams committed a ton of fouls on that play

    [​IMG] sure was hugging him

  10. When does Jim NOT go ballistic? He's like a two year old.
  11. Oh no right there tho I thought he'd be in his deathbed bc of a heart attack haha

  12. :rolleyes: if you cant tell it was an over exaggeration then idk what to tell you... but he sure is holding him and not letting him get his body turned around....
  13. It's the Super Bowl dude... Flags are suppose to be thrown if there's a purpose...
  14. Dude I seen I called It and no one said shit about it. Mind blowing how near sited or flat blind some of these officials can are
  15. From his pic sure as hell looks like a fist full of jersey :p
  16. It happned he didnt call it game over.
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    If it was thrown what would have been the possibilities?
  18. But it wasnt. If the lights didnt gp out . But they did

  19. it's just a conversation there buddy. Obviously they didnt call it or we wouldnt be having the discussion :rolleyes:
  20. Niners didn't derseve to win the game on a borderline call

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