Where Was The Best Burger Youve Ever Eaten?

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  1. Im proud of you. 

    My favorite chain is Culvers by far! Double Butter Burger wit Cheese. 
  3. Hodads in OB, SD, CA
  4. Savannah Ga and it was a 1/3 lb with bacon and a egg with the works on it.
  5. id like to think ive yet to eat the best Burger to the head
  6. Five guys. Fucking best burger and fries
  7. one time i ate this pussy tasted just like a juicy burger i was like shiieeet dayummm girl
  8. Best fast food burger was Paul Bunyan's that's real burger is the way back Cafe the family grill

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  9. Steak and Shake used to have the best, years ago....
    Five guys is too expensive and greasy...
    I like a burger that's just a burger...no mushrooms, bacon, runny cheese....I like to be able to pick it up and get a bite without shit falling all over me....
  10. Niskers...best 1/2 lb burgers around here
  11. Been to America once, I had In n Out Burger, didn't eat anything else the whole trip.
    Let alone making the biggest and best burgers, they make the biggest shits! :ey:
  12. In-n-out is the best

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  13. Dad's drive up diner. Stuffed popper burger. Best on the planet.

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    Hard to say what the best burger I've ever had was, I've had so many over the years and I'm usually enjoying them with several beers so that can affect my judgement.

    But I consistently get the best burger at Five Guys. Solid ground beef, potatoes, and toppings.

    I also have to throw a shout-out to the King Kong Burger from Eagles Deli in Boston. Its bigger brother, the Eagles Challenge, was featured on Man vs Food.
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    Duno, but id halft to say the ones I make. They are so damn good.....secret to a great burger is literally try not handlin the meat or beatin the meat at all lol Literally take it out of the package n just throw in on the plate w out messin w it other than seasonings. Youll get the most tender burger youve ever had. Learned if from a popular BBQ restaurant while workin in Stl. 
    N diced jalapenos and cheese in the middle of a burger is also good. Just use salt pepper n garlic and thats really all you need.
    And dont play w your meat on the grill, let it grill for like 5-7min on one side then flip. And thats it
  16. The only people who think white castle sliders are the best burgers are folks who have never been to one. Harold and Kumar was a dope movie and all but those burgers are soo bad haha. I traveled to Tennessee a few years back and just had to try it. Was severely disappointed, they are the same as the ones you buy in the freezer isle no joke, just as soggy and unappetizing.
  17. The quality of a white castle slider is laughable compared to an actual good burger. 
    Not saying I don't enjoy a white castle slider tho
  18. KFC's chicken zinger burger!
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    Cartmens Burger was pretty bomb

    Apperently they have some kind of flavor enhancer

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  20. It's semen.
    Animal semen.

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