Where Was The Best Burger Youve Ever Eaten?

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  1. .........I didn't see a single person say White Castle....

    Ah yeah, In N Out is the shit. :cool:
  3. The River Rat in McGregor Iowa has the best cheese burger I've ever devoured. 
  4. at Heston Bulmenthal's restaurant...
  5. @qwerty man
    I like how they got super scientific with that. In reality, 90% of gourmet burgers are exactly the same as that.
    The burgers that I make at work are fucking bomb. Grade A+ angus beef, this "secret barbeque" sauce (think maple and red pepper together, but made totally better) some provolone cheese, swiss, bacon, and mushrooms. Orgasmic, simply put.
    The wings we make are bomb as fuck too.
  6. i cant say i have eating the best burgar, but i dontn think i have. sure i had some good burgars, but nothing was the best ever
    but buttfuckers is usualy  "good", never bad
  7. I gotta side with folks that say their best burger was from home.  I grill burgers over B&B natural lump charcoal for a nice smokey flavor and put my homemade tabasco sauce on 'em.  Dayum that shit is good.  Never had anything close in a restaurant.  Weber kettle grills are the business for producing the worlds finest burgers.
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    Ugh, I hate Five Guys, and we have so many down here. So greasy...
    My favorite was at In and Out. FourbyFour son. 
  9. Best burger EVER is at slaters 50/50. It's 50% ground beef 50% ground bacon. Can't forget about In N Out either.
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    Burgers priest yonge between york mills n lawrence hands down dopest dope ive ever eaten.
  11. jack in the box is fucking tasty
  12. Culvers....double swiss and mushroom butter burger
  13. Def a homemade burger.  I've made so many over the years Idk which was the best lol
    As long as you have good buns and the right condiments, its easy to make the perfect burger
  14. White Castle!
  15. Resturant: the cheesecake factorys "steak house burger". It was a patty w/ cut up juicy steak pieces on top with grilled onions and a garlic sauce. Since its not on the menu anymore id have to go with my next pick of flannigans (south fl irish restaurant chain) and their flannigan burger.
    Fast food: probably sonics double but i do love a whopper w/ chz. Depends on when u get em if they are amazing or crappy.
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    Little burger shack by the locks up north. And cheeseburger festival in caseville never disappointed me
  17. looking at all these food places posted, that makes me want to be the guy on man vs food....
    be pretty awesome to go and eat good food all the time, and get paid
  18. 4x4 from INN N Out.
  19. The Counter does my favourite burger, I like the concept there of building your own burger.. the whole clipboard 'tick the boxes' menu.. yummy! Oh and their veggie burger is to die for.

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